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In my life as a cinephile, Goethe Institute is my father. Alliance Française is my mother. Sonthaya Subyen (DK Filmhouse) is my teacher.


(in alphabetical order of the directors’ family names)


1.THE WEDDING SONG (2008, Karin Albou)


2.RIPTIDE (1949, Yves Allégret)


3.STORMY WEATHER (2003, Sólveig Anspach)




5.END OF DESIRE (UNE VIE) (1958, Alexandre Astruc)


6.SEE HOW THEY FALL (1993, Jacques Audiard)


7.DOUCE (1943, Claude Autant-Lara)


8.THE ASSASSINATED SUN (2003, Abdelkrim Bahloul)


9.THE HOLE (1959, Jacques Becker)


10.THE MOON IN THE GUTTER (1983, Jean-Jacques Beineix)


11.A CHILD IN THE CROWD (1976, Gérard Blain)


12.IF I WERE A SPY (1967, Bertrand Blier)


13.MADE IN PARIS (2006, Pascal Bonitzer)


14.LES ARRIVANTS (2009, Claudine Bories + Patrice Chagnard, documentary)


15.LITTLE SENEGAL (2001, Rachid Bouchareb)


16.PAMELA, POUR TOUJOURS (2005, Alain Bourges)


17.L’ARGENT (1983, Robert Bresson)


18.THE SOUND AND THE FURY (1987, Jean-Claude Brisseau)


19.CORN IN PARLIAMENT (2003, Jean-Stéphane Bron, documentary)


20.THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY (1974, Luis Buñuel)


21.THÉRÈSE RAQUIN (1953, Marcel Carné)


22.THE CAROUSEL (1980, Marc Caro + Jean-Pierre Jeunet, animation)


23.AMOUR D’ENFANCE (2001, Yves Caumon)


24.LES BONNES FEMMES (1960, Claude Chabrol)


25.HIS BROTHER (2003, Patrice Chéreau)


26.THE WIND (1982, Souleymane Cissé)


27.THE RAVEN (1943, Henri-Georges Clouzot)


28.SUN IN WINTER (2005, Samuel Collardey)


29.THE LONG ABSENCE (1961, Henri Colpi)


30.SÉRIE NOIRE (1979, Alain Corneau)


31.PRINCESS OF CLEVES (1961, Jean Delannoy)


32.LOUIS-MICHEL (2008, Benoît Delépine + Gustave de Kervern)


33.THE MAGIC DONKEY (1970, Jacques Demy)


34.MURDER ON A SUNDAY MORNING (2001, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, documentary)


35.FRIDAY NIGHT (2002, Claire Denis)


36.CAUGHT IN THE ACTS (1994, Raymond Depardon, documentary)


37.HOW I GOT INTO AN ARGUMENT (MY SEX LIFE) (1996, Arnaud Desplechin)


38.DOSSIER 51 (1978, Michel Deville)


39.LA PISCINE (1969, Jacques Deray)


40.JUST ANYBODY (2008, Jacques Doillon)


41.INDIA SONG (1975, Marguerite Duras)


42.BECAUSE WE WERE BORN (2008, Jean-Pierre Duret + Andrea Santana, documentary)


43.LOVERS OF PARIS (1957, Julien Duvivier)


44.DANS LA VIE (2008, Philippe Faucon)


45.THE CORRIDOR (2005, Jean-Loup Felicioli + Alain Gagnol, animation)


46.COMING TO TERMS WITH THE DEAD (1994, Pascale Ferran)


47.VOYAGES (1999, Emmanuel Finkiel)


48.THE BIRTH OF LOVE (1993, Philippe Garrel)


49.THE WIDOW COUDERC (1971, Pierre Granier-Deferre)


50.THE LIVING WORLD (2003, Eugène Green)


51.DAÏNAH, LA MÉTISSE (1932, Jean Grémillon)


52.LA CHINOISE (1967, Jean-Luc Godard)


53.KI LO SA? (1985, Robert Guédiguian)


54.SARRAOUNIA (1986, Med Hondo)


55.BUTTERFLY CHASE (1992, Otar Iosseliani)


56.NO SCANDAL (1999, Benoît Jacquot)


57.ONLY GIRLS (2003, Pierre Jolivet)


58.RAILWAY BAR (1991, Cédric Kahn)


59.NOT FOR, OR AGAINST (QUITE THE CONTRARY) (2003, Cédric Klapisch)


60.HEARTH FIRES (1972, Serge Korber)


61.THE INHERITOR (1973, Philippe Labro)


62.BEWARE OF MY LOVE (1998, Jeanne Labrune)


63.THE LAST ONE OF THE SIX (1941, George Lacombe)


64.THE SNAILS (1966, René Laloux, animation)


65.L’IDIOT (1946, Georges Lampin)


66.ELDORADO (2008, Bouli Lanners)


67.A MAN, A REAL ONE (2003, Arnaud Larrieu + Jean-Marie Larrieu)


68.A MAN AND A WOMAN (1966, Claude Lelouch)


69.FORGET ME (1994, Noémie Lvovsky)


70.LIFT TO THE SCAFFOLD (1957, Louis Malle)


71.TO HAVE (OR NOT) (1995, Laetitia Masson)


72.BOB THE GAMBLER (1956, Jean-Pierre Melville)


73.OF WOMAN AND MAGIC (2000, Claude Miller)


74.I SENT A LETTER TO MY LOVE (1980, Moshé Mizrahi)


75.EVERYTHING’S FINE, WE’RE LEAVING (2000, Claude Mouriéras)


76.WORK HARD, PLAY HARD (2003, Jean-Marc Moutout)


77.HINTERLAND (1998, Jacques Nolot)


78.THE THREE INVENTORS (1980, Michel Ocelot, animation)


79.DE MAYERLING À SARAJEVO (1940, Max Ophüls)


80.REGAIN (1937, Marcel Pagnol)


81.FRENCH KISS (2004, Antonin Peretjatko)


82.NÉNETTE (2010, Nicolas Philibert, documentary)


83.VAN GOGH (1991, Maurice Pialat)


84.A MATTER OF TASTE (2000, Bernard Rapp)


85.THOMAS IN LOVE (2000, Pierre-Paul Renders)


86.THE HUMAN BEAST (1938, Jean Renoir)


87.STAVISKY (1974, Alain Resnais)


88.LE COMPLEXE DE THENARDIER (2002, Jean-Michel Ribes, recording of a stage play)


89.INNER CITY (1995, Jean-François Richet)


90.CÉLINE AND JULIE GO BOATING (1974, Jacques Rivette)


91.EDEN AND AFTER (1970, Alain Robbe-Grillet)


92.BEBERT AND THE TRAIN (1963, Yves Robert)


93.PAULINE AT THE BEACH (1982, Eric Rohmer)


94.HOUSEWARMING (2005, Brigitte Roüan)


95.HUNTING THE LION WITH BOW AND ARROW (1967, Jean Rouch, documentary)


96.THE THINGS OF LIFE (1969, Claude Sautet)


97.THE MINISTER (2011, Pierre Schoeller)


98.DRUMMER-CRAB (1977, Pierre Schoendoerffer)


99.ÇA BRÛLE (2006, Claire Simon)


100.TRAFFIC (1970, Jacques Tati)


101.A WEEK’S HOLIDAY (1980, Bertrand Tavernier)


102.FAR (2001, André Téchiné)


103.BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS (2005, Pascal Thomas)


104.TWO ENGLISH GIRLS (1971, François Truffaut)


105.LES CRÉATURES (1966, Agnes Varda)


106.DRUGSTORE ROMANCE (1979, Paul Vecchiali)


107.OTHER GIRLS (2000, Caroline Vignal)


108.ZERO FOR CONDUCT (1933, Jean Vigo)


109.KITCHEN (2005, Alice Winocour)


110.LA MODIFICATION (1970, Michel Worms)


111.THE BALL OF WOOL (2006, Fatma-Zohra Zamoum)


112.DEAR PRUDENCE (2010, Rebecca Zlotowski)


This list excludes films shown in the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival and DK Filmhouse program.


INDIA SONG, which is one of my most favorite films of all time. The film will be shown at Thammasat University Library on Sunday, September 8, at 1230 hrs.

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