Wednesday, September 18, 2013

UNFORTUNATELY, EVERYBODY LOST (2013, Theeraphat Ngathong)

Figures in a landscape
This photo shows my favorite scene from the film UNFORTUNATELY, EVERYBODY LOST (2013, Theeraphat Ngathong, A), which is made for an English class.
What I like very much in this film is the fact that it turns an everyday event into a semi-horror situation.  This film also inspires me to think about its imaginary sequel, because this film mentions “the danger in the East Zone”, and we still don’t know much about “the danger in the East Zone” in this film.
This film also inspires me to think about some imaginary films. For example:
1.I think one can make a horror film using the same locations in this film. The horror film may be like
1.1 SCREAM (Wes Craven) or I SCREAM (2008, Janenarong Sirimaha, 21min), both of which are murder mysteries relying on good plots
1.2 HOTEL (Jessica Hausner, A+30), which is creepy, and relies most on the atmosphere
2.One can also use the same locations to make some unclassifiable films like LE PONT DU NORD (1981, Jacques Rivette), which turns an urban landscape, shot with documentary eye, into a fantasy world full of secrets, codes, conspiracies, and games.
3.UNFORTUNATELY, EVERYBODY LOST mentions “ZONE”. So one can also make a film like STALKER (1979, Andrei Tarkovsky) and ME TOO (2012, Aleksei Balabanov), both of which are about a magical zone, using the same locations.
4.The title of UNFORTUNATELY, EVERYBODY LOST reminds me of the famous sentence “Unfortunately, some people died,” spoken by Abhisit Vejjajiva, when he gave an interview on BBC. So the sequel of this film can be made as a political film, too.
I also like the shots of barren landscapes near the end of this film. It reminds me of some experimental films, such as HISTORY IN THE AIR (2009, Chaloemkiat Saeyong, 58min).


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