Monday, June 02, 2008

HASAN (2008, Attapon Pamakho, A+++++)


LATITUDE – Paul Blackford


The grades here don’t indicate the films’ quality. They just indicate how much I feel involved with each film. The main factors here are my personal life and how handsome the actors are, while the quality of each film is not a factor at all.


1.HASAN (2008, Attapon Pamakho, A+++++)
This film may be a little bit too emotionally manipulative, like SEAPORT (2006, Attapon Pamakho, Benya Poowarachnan, A+++++). But I love emotionally manipulative films which successfully manipulate my emotions like this one. I also like the song in HASAN and in SEAPORT very much. His cinematography is also stunning.

2.MIDNIGHT RAINBOW (2008, Patta Tongpan, A++++)
I always love films about female serial killers.

3.BLIND (2008, Kanchana Eksinth, A+++)

4.DEK JOE (2008, Pakwan Suksomtin, A++)

5.HOME VIDEO (Yanin Pongsuwan, A+)
I think this film is THE BEST, though my personal life doesn’t allow this film to be my most favorite.

6.CHIZURU 1,000 PAPER CRANES (2008, Nareerat Boontam, A)
I don’t believe in the ending of this story. If this film ended by letting the two men having sex on the tomb of their parents, I would have given this film A+++++.

7.DELETED SCENE (2008, Nattamon Prueksanusakdi, A-)

8.TOGETHER (2008, Sunida Orndeesawasdi, A-)

9.FINALE FANTASIE (2008, Teerapol Panyayuthakarn, A-)

10.8 CM (2008, Sapassorn Santijitrungreang, B+)

11.SUCK IN THE AIR (2008, Panayu Kunwallee, B+)

12.ROADSIDE (KANG TANON) (2008, Nattapol Timmuang, B)

13.SORRY…I LOVE YOU (2008, Benya Poowarachnan, B)

14.SORROW EVERY YEAR ON DECEMBER 25 (2008, Wansa Assawasripongstorn, B)

15.BADDAY (2008, Chaiyapruek Chalermpornpanich, B-)
I just don’t like the subject matter of this film, which is actually my personal problem, not the problem of the film.


--The magazine ARTFORUM, June 2008, has a long article on Alain Robbe-Grillet. You can read it for free at:

--Talking about Robbe-Grillet reminds me that Sonthaya Subyen just mentioned his name in his new article on JIMMY CORRIGAN OR THE SMARTEST KID ON EARTH, a graphic novel by Chris Ware. You can read this article in Thai at:

In this article, Sonthaya wrote an interesting sentence which can be translated very roughly like this:

“Chris Ware is to the graphic novel as Jean-Luc Godard is to cinema; as Stockhausen or Bob Dylan is to music; or as James Joyce, Alain Robbe Grillet and Raymond Corneau is to literature.”

(I don’t know Raymond Corneau. I guess he may mean Raymond Queneau.)

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