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DARK WAY (2010, Gorragod Nonkhuketkong, A+++++)


1.DARK WAY (Gorragod Nonkhuketkong, 20 min, A+++++)
ทางอับแสง (กรกฎ โนนคู่เขตโขง)
This is my comment in Thai on DARK WAY:
You can watch DARK WAY here:

2.LOVE ME LOVE MY DOG (Wasunan Hutawach, 8 min, A+++++)
เธอชื่อพระจันทร์ (วสุนันท์ หุตเวช)
I like the scene in which the camera looks at the construction workers far away, though I don't know what it means. I also like the relationship between the heroine and her dog. It seems to be a loving relationship, but the dog has to be obedient and is not free. The dog shitting scene is as memorable as the shitting scene in KINGS OF THE ROAD (Wim Wenders).

3.MY ANGEL (Worathep Tummaoros, 60 min, A+++++)
นางฟ้าของฉัน (วรเทพ ธรรมโอรส)
I don't think I can follow the story in this film in only one viewing. I like the overall feelings in this film very much. It is full of unexplainable feelings, not purely romantic, sad, or funny like in most Thai films concerning love between university students.

4.THIS WAY (Wasunan Hutawach, documentary, 5 min, A+++++)
ทางออก (วสุนันท์ หุตเวช)
This is one of the best Thai political films made this year. Now I know what Palestinian people may feel when they have trouble travelling in their own homeland.

5.DUPE (Thitipong Ornsawai, 30 min, A+++++)
นวล (ฐิติพงศ์ อ่อนไสว)
This is my comment in Thai on DUPE:

6.ALL DAY (Maythus Thuesue, 12 min, A+++++)
ทุกวัน (เมธัส ถือซื่อ)

7.NONG JA, DUE BAEW DU (Gun Sangkaew, 12 min, A+++++)
น้องจ้า ดื้อ แบ๊ว ดุ (กันต์ แสงแก้ว)

8.NONTHABURI (Wasin Lorwatanatrakul + Puripant Ruchikachorn, 7 min, A+++++)
นนทบุรี (วาสิน หล่อวัฒนตระกูล, ภูริพันธุ์ รุจิขจร)
This is an extremely effective atmospheric ghost film. The dark atmosphere is used very well. I don't like the ending, though. I think if the film doesn't end like this or if the film doesn't reveal why that thing moves in the dark, the film would be as great as THE DRESS (2008, Napat Treepalawisetkun), and could inspire the viewers' imagination a lot.

9.ANGEL AND DEMON (AND THE PANDA GOD) (Arpapun Plungsirisoontorn, 3 min, A+)
เทวากับซาตาน (และเทพเจ้าหมีแพนด้า) (อาภาพรรณ ปลั่งสิริสุนทร)
Arpapun is still great at transforming found footage into a clever political film.

10. .5 LOVE (Kanwee Jandee, 10 min, A)
เที่ยงครึ่ง (กัลป์วีร์ จันทร์ดี)

11.WITHOUT ME (Nattavut Norasetsrisuk, 4 min, A/A-)
นอกจากฉัน (ณัฐวุฒิ นรเศธศรีสุข)
Nattavut seems to excel in mocking other things, including advertisement and music videos. If I remember it correctly, I don't like some political stuff at the end of this film. I also hadn't watched the original music video by Eminem before I saw this film, so I don't know how many original ideas of Nattavut are shown in this film.

12.DANGER IN FIGHTING (Prempapat Plittapolkarnpim, 8 min, A-)
นักบู๊มหาภัย (เปรมปพัทธ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์)
I think the film is very lovely and achieves its goal, though I wonder if people really wear all these stuffs when they attend a fighting class.

13.THIS IS SELECTED (Montree Seeboo, 11 min, A-/B+)
ทางเลือก (มนตรี สีบู่)

14.FIRE EXIT (Rachanon Taweephol, documentary, 12 min, B+)
ทางเดินแห่งสันติสุข (ระชานนท์ ทวีผล)
Rachanon also directed BEHIND THE SCENE (เบื้องหลังความสำเร็จ) (2006, 13 min, A+).

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