Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE LAST ELEPHANTS IN THAILAND (2009, Donald R. Tayloe + Michelle Mizner, A++++++++++)

This is my comment in Wise Kwai's blog:

I like THE LAST ELEPHANTS IN THAILAND very much, because it shows the extreme cruelty done to the elephants while training them to paint. I had never imagined it could be like this.

STAR, DUST (Karen Hanson) is the film which opens with images of things which seem like stars in space, but when the camera zooms out of these images, we find that they are actually X-ray images of our bodies.

LAST NIGHT (Ed Park) is the film in which a man and a woman talk to each other on a grass field. The woman said that it was the man's fault that he let her drive. Then there was blood streaming down the man's head. Then the camera zooms out of this couple, and we find that there was a crashed car near them. The woman and the man may already be dead.