Sunday, August 15, 2010

GOOD MAN (2010, Panitharn Boontarig, A/A-)

This is my comment in FILMSICK's Facebook:

GOOD MAN (อยู่ในใจ) (Panitharn Boontarig, A/A-) is about a boy who wonders what the definition of good people is. He thinks that the street sweeper and the traffic policeman are not really "good people", because they are just doing their jobs. He thinks that the man who picks up garbage from the street to put it into the bin is the real good man, because that man does a good thing, though it is not that man's job.

I feel ambiguous with this film. Though I agree that that man might be better than the street sweeper, I still think that the people who do their own jobs are also good people. Because in my own definition of "good people", good people are the ones who don't harm other people unnecessarily. If anyone doesn't harm other people unnecessarily, I think that that person is a good person already. He doesn't have to do any extra activities in order to be called "a good person" by me.

But there's something I like in this film. The thing that I like is the ending in which the boy asks the man if he is a good person or not, but that man seems to fear the boy and tries to run away from the boy. This scene really shows how paranoid people in this society are. The man may really be a good man, but he is also afraid of making contacts with strangers. He is not a good man who is too optimistic for this world.

WHAT (อะไร) (Saowachai Riabsumret, B+) is about a man who is disturbed by a beggar boy on the street, because that beggar boy keeps calling him every time he walks past the boy. The man assumes that the beggar wants his money. But later he finds out that the beggar only wants to tell him that his pants are unzipped.

AVAJANA (อวัจจนะ) (Paranat Panarad, B+) is about two mute men who ask a little girl whether she prefers kindness or money. The girl prefers kindness.

UNCOMFORTABLY (อึดอัด) (Nattapol Artchawarungsun, A-/B+) is about a chess game in which the pawns are painted red and yellow. It also shows an image of a man who is drowned in a bathtub.

THE COLLECTORS (แอบ) (Chayanin Thanasukthaworn, A/A-) is about an orphaned man who works as a guard in an apartment building. He develops a sick imagination about the apartment tenants. He also tries to punish one of the tenants, because he assumes that the tenant abuses some students sexually.

TALK TO THE WORLD SECRETLY 1 (แอบคุยกับโลก 1) (Nattapat Promudom, B+/B) shows the world in the future when the world is flooded because of the global warming. It shows the images of floating houses in the future.

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