Friday, August 13, 2010


My favorite films about Chechnya war are:

1.CHECHEN LULLABY (2001, Nino Kirtadze, Germany, documentary, 58 min)
I saw this documentary at the Goethe Institute in Bangkok. The part that I like very much is the part that deals with a female champion swimmer, who used to represent Commonwealth of Independent States (or ex-Soviet Union) in the Olympics, but now she fought for Chechnya and considers Russia as the enemy. It is very interesting that "a national heroine" of Soviet Union has turned to be the real enemy of Russia.

2. UNE FEMME À ABATTRE (2008, Olivier Langlois, France, 90 min)
I saw this film on the cable TV channel TV5MONDE ASIE. It deals with a woman who searches for her lost journalist-husband in Chechnya. Nino Kirtadze, the director of CHECHEN LULLABY, stars in this film.

3. MY STEP BROTHER FRANKENSTEIN (2004, Valery Todorovsky, Russia)
This film deals with a war veteran who comes back from Chechnya. The war has totally ruined his mind.

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