Saturday, January 05, 2013

Favorite quote from Jesse Ataide

Favorite quote from Jesse Ataide:

" For three consecutive Sundays in June my boyfriend and I made a pilgrimage to Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive for the church-like experience of Nathaniel Dorsky screening and then holding forth on the mesmerizing short films he has made during the last decade or so, and the loving, almost anthropomorphized descriptions he gave of the film stock he used to make each of them implicitly voiced cinema’s biggest issue of 2012 that no one seems to really want to talk about: that for all of the multiplicity digital formats seem to promise us as viewers, the dwindling availability of film stock as well as the equipment, expertise and venues able to project film prints means we are losing an important and vital way of experiencing and understanding cinema. "

I like this quote very much, because Thailand also has the problem of "the dwindling availability of venues able to project film prints". In the World Film Festival of Bangkok in November 2012, we found that some films in 35mm format were very "blurred", and the movie theatre staff explained that the films would not be blurred if they were shown digitally, instead of using film prints. That means this movie theatre no longer knows how to project film prints.

The photo is from THE RETURN (2011, Nathaniel Dorsky).

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