Monday, May 05, 2014


(in alphabetical order)
1.ALONE (Itti Penroj, Thanyaburi, B+ )
2.ARCADE LOVE (Nut Tanomsampan, animation, Silpakorn, A+)
3.CARROTS (Abhichoke Chandrasen)
4.CHALAWAN (ชาละวัน) (Anuchit Ratanatrimongkol)
5.CHARLIE’S GARDEN (Jonathan de Hoop, Mahidol)
6.CHEMICAL DIMENSION (ความสูงของสารเคมี) (Vutichai Tanglaksilathong)
7.CLOUDS OF MEMORIES (Natthaphon Sakulvanaporn)
8.COMING OF AGE (Nivet Srisoontornthi, Teerapipat Siriwatsiri, Srinakharinwirot, seen before, A+)
9.CONCEALED (กลับสู่จุดเริ่มต้น) (Pleankan Trikhumpun, Ladkrabang, A+10)
10.DELETED (Nitaz Sinwattanakul, Thammasat, seen before, A+30)
11.THE DISAPPEARED (Peerapol Jirapathomsakul, Silpakorn, A+10)
12.EASTER EVE (Chanakarn Luwwiphan, Silpakorn, second viewing, A+)
13.ELECTRA COMPLEX (Surakij Poosoontornsri, Assumption)
14.THE FIRE DANCE (ระบำกลางไฟ) (Jaturon Jetwiriyanon, Ladkrabang, A-/B+)
I wish that the film doesn’t try to be a thriller with many plot twists. I would have liked it much more if the film had been a dramatic one focusing on the homosexual love affair.
15.THE HEART OF VIETNAM 1975 (Vorapitcha Rattanaprasert)
16.THE HONEST TICKET (Porntep Laung-on)
17.IN FLAMES (Sita Lerdjarudech, Mahidol, documentary, A)
I wish that the film digs deeper into its story than this.
18.THE INTERCEPTION (Kanakorn Chanama, Mahidol, A+10)
This is not a complete film. It is like a pilot episode of a TV series. But I think it is a successful pilot episode, because it really makes me want to see the next episode.
19.KROMBIA (Aimee Provost)
20.MA MA GOR (Nattapol Paibulbaramee, Mahidol, B+ )
It the ending scene of this film had been edited out, I would have given this film A+. The ending scene of this film is too didactic. It tells us who is right and who is wrong, instead of showing us family problems which cannot be solved that easily.
There are some films which show us conflicts between parents and their offsprings which cannot be solved that easily, or problems which are real dilemmas in which it is very hard to tell who is wrong or right. Films in this category include FROM MOM (2005, Unchalee Thaingamsin, 13min, A+30). Unfortunately, the ending scene of MA MA GOR makes the film unqualified for this category.
21.9.2 (Satavat Satanbua)
22.NO LOVE LOST (Jomkwan Jaemjirasai, Mahidol, A-)
I would have liked it much more if this film had told its story straightforwardly and made us sympathize with its characters. I think the film tries too much to jump back and forth in time.
23.P.O.V. POINT OF VIEW (Praveena Danchaiviroj, animation, Mahidol, A+)
I like the drawing, though the story is so-so.
24.RAWCHAREON VILLAGE (หมู่บ้านรอเจริญ) (Nawapol Charoentummaruksa)
25.REVOLVER (Panakom Santayanon, Mahidol, A+15)
The film thrilled me a lot before it ended, because it inspired me to imagine about a lot of bloodshed before it ended. When I was watching it, I asked myself, “Will this film be like WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN (2011, Lynn Ramsay)? Will this film be like NOTHING CAN TOUCH ME (2011, Milad Alami)?”
If I had made this film, the film would have surely been nastier than this, and the female teacher character would have done something unforgettable in the film.
26.RUNNING TIME (Charmnanvudh Vancharoen)
27.STRANGE NIGHT (ราตรีประหลาด) (Opas Kortsombut, Ladkrabang)
28.TO THE MOON (Chayanit Hansaward)
29.2YAM (สองยาม) (Apisit Kampeck + Sorasart Wisetsin)

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