Saturday, September 15, 2007


This is my reply to Matthew Hunt's comment in my blog:

I have never seen Mark Robson’s films after the 1940’s. I think I have a video of VON RYAN’S EXPRESS (1965), but haven’t watched it yet.

Yes, I think it’s Val Lewton who is the auteur here. It’s a rare case for a producer to have such (good) influences over the directors like this.

I can’t think of movie producers nowadays who have distinct styles of their own. I like some producers, though I don’t think they have distinct styles of their own.

My favorite producers include:

1.Paolo Branco, who produces

1.1 THE INNER LIFE OF MARTIN FROST (2007, Paul Auster)

1.2 TRANCE (2006, Teresa Villaverde)

1.3 KLIMT (2006, Raoul Ruiz)

1.4 O FATALISTA (2005, Joao Botelho)

1.5 SEVEN INVISIBLE MEN (2005, Sharunas Bartas)

1.6 PAUL S'EN VA (2004, Alain Tanner)

1.7 ILLUMINATION (2004, Pascale Breton)

1.8 CHANGING TIMES (2004, Andre Techine, A)

1.9 A TALKING PICTURE (2003, Manoel de Oliveira, A+)

1.10 SALTIMBANK (2003, Jean-Claude Biette, A+)

1.11 IT'S EASIER FOR A CAMEL (2003, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, A+)

1.12 DEUX (2002, Werner Schroeter)

1.13 SHIPWRECKED ON ROUTE D 17 (2002, Luc Moullet)

1.14 SNOW WHITE (2000, Joao Cesar Monteiro)

1.15 LA CAPTIVE (2000, Chantal Akerman)

1.16 LA VIE MODERNE (2000, Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, A+)

1.17 L'ENNUI (1998, Cedric Kahn)

1.18 BONES (1997, Pedro Costa)

1.19 DIARY OF A SEDUCER (1996, Daniele Dubroux, A+)

1.20 LE COEUR FANTOME (1996, Philippe Garrel, A+)

2.ALAIN SARDE, who produces

2.1 OLIVER TWIST (2005, Roman Polanski, A+)

2.2 VERA DRAKE (2004, Mike Leigh, A+)

2.3 OUR MUSIC (2004, Jean-Luc Godard)

2.4 ONLY GIRLS (2003, Pierre Jolivet, A)

2.5 FEAR AND TREMBLING (2003, Alain Corneau, A-)

2.6 CHAOS (2001, Coline Serreau, A)

2.7 MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001, David Lynch, A+)

2.8 WATER DROPS ON BURNING ROCKS (2000, Francois Ozon, A+/A)

2.9 IT ALL STARTS TODAY (1999, Bertrand Tavernier, A)

2.10 MY MAN (1996, Bertrand Blier, A+/A)



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