Thursday, September 20, 2007


My friend, Nina, recommended me to watch the following YouTube clips which are mostly about ballet or opera.

One of the best thing about clips like these is that they can let poor people like me watch all the ballet dancers closely. Because if I go to watch ballet performances in Bangkok, I will find that the ticket price for the best seats is too high for me. It costs about 100 US dollars. I can’t afford it. I can afford only some faraway seats which make the ballet dancers look like ants running around on the stage.

It gives much stronger feelings when you can watch them closer. Somehow watching these clips may make me appreciate ballets more than watching them live on the faraway stage.

1.La valse a mille temps – Jacques Brel

2.Alessandra Ferri + Sting

3.Anna Netrebko

4.Anna Netrebko & Rolando Villazon

5.Sylvie Guillem

6.Sylvie Guillem dances solo

7.Sylvie Guillem dances Bejart

8.Maurice Bejart

9.Gisell – Diana Vishneva

10.Gisell pdd 3 – Diana Vishneva

11.Gisell pdd 4 – Diana Vishneva

12.Diana Vishneva + Igor Kolb

13.Revelations – Alvin Ailey

14.In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated


Some clips I would like to watch when I have free time

1.Trio A – Yvonne Rainer

2.Katherina Sieverding

3.Vanessa Beecroft

This is a photo of Sylvie Guillem

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