Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Films seen in the Swedish Film Festival 2013

Films seen in the Swedish Film Festival 2013


1.I MISS YOU (2011, Anders Grönros, A+30)


2.PALME (2012, Kristina Lindström + Maud Nycander, documentary, A+25)


3.COCKPIT (2012, Mårten Klingberg, A+15)


4.STOCKHOLM EAST (2011, Simon Kaijser da Silva, A+5)


5.THE CROWN JEWELS (2011, Ella Lemhagen, B+)



Favorite Swedish films


(in alphabetical order)


1.ALL THINGS FAIR (1995, Bo Widerberg)


2.BEFORE THE STORM (2000, Reza Parsa)


3.IL CAPITANO (1991, Jan Troell)


4.C2 (2000, Cecilia Lundqvist)


5.EVIL (2003, Mikael Håfström)


6.FAITHLESS (2000, Liv Ullmann)


7.THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (2009, Niels Arden Oplev)


8.HEAVEN’S HEART (2008, Simon Staho)


9.I MISS YOU (2011, Anders Grönros)


10.LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008, Tomas Alfredson)


11.LOVE FOOLS (1998, Leif Magnusson)


12.THE OX (1991, Sven Nykvist)


13.PALME (2012, Kristina Lindström + Maud Nycander, documentary)


14.THE SILENCE (1963, Ingmar Bergman)


15.THE SLINGSHOT (1993, Åke Sandgren)


16.SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR (2000, Roy Andersson)


17.TAG! (2007, Anders Skog)


18.TOGETHER (2000, Lukas Moodysson)


19.TSATSIKI, MOM AND THE POLICEMAN (1999, Ella Lemhagen)


20.A THOUSAND TIMES STRONGER (2010, Peter Schildt)


The photo is from I MISS YOU.

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