Sunday, June 23, 2013


Favorite quote from Olaf Möller in Film Comment magazine, May/June 2013:


“THE GRANDMASTER may be Wong’s most complex, expansive essay on memory and loss yet. Ip Man’s country and family crumble into ruins, and he spends his life picking up the pieces and putting them back togetehr. Maybe more than ever, everything here is lost in time, remembered but fragmentary. The martial-arts moves often can’t be seen clearly, as if somone were unsuccessfully trying to recall them through a haze, yet the parts that are still remembered might become the inspiration for a future school of fighting. And by paying such extensive homage to Sergio Leone, Wong seems to suggest that these and other citations may come from and be used again all over the world. THE GRANDMASTER is crushing. For a few of us, it’s Wong’s finest in decades.”


Theeraphat Ngathong compiles a list of Thai reviews on THE GRANDMASTER here:

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