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Films seen in May 2013

Films seen in May 2013


1.THE GIRL ON THE RIVER (1987, Nhat Minh Dang, Vietnam, A+30)


2.FROZEN SILENCE (2011, Gerardo Herrero, Spain, A+30)


3.BUSHIDO SIXTEEN (2010, Tomoyuki Furumaya, A+30)


4.THE INVITATION (1973, Claude Goretta, Switzerland, A+30)


5.A KNIFE TO THE NECK (2011, Renaud Bertrand, A+30)


6.OUR CHILDREN (2012, Joachim Lafosse, Belgium, A+30)


7.THE MINISTER (2011, Pierre Schoeller, A+30)


8.BAARA (WORK) (1975, Souleymane Cissé, Mali, A+30)


9.HERMITAGE (1968, Carmelo Bene, Italy, A+30)


10.THE PERFECT FIT (AU POIL) (2012, Hélène Friren, animation, A+30)


11.3096 DAYS (2013, Sherry Hormann, Germany, A+30)


12.DON’T BE AFRAID (2011, Montxo Armendariz, Spain, A+30)


13.WELCOME TO THE PUNCH (2013, Eran Creevy, A+30)


14.THE METALWORKERS (2004, Eduardo Coutinho, Brazil, documentary, A+30)


15.CELESTE & JESSE FOREVER (2012, Lee Toland Krieger, A+30)


16.BLACK TV (1968, Aldo Tambellini, Italy, A+30)


17.JEAN-CLAUDE BRIALY, A LIKING FOR OTHERS (2013, Henry-Jean Servat, documentary, A+30)


18.PROMISED LAND (2012, Gus Van Sant, A+30)


19.AONG & POM (2013, misterbigpictures, documentary, A+30)


20.THE METHOD (2005, Marcelo Piñeyro, Spain, A+25)


21.AURANGZEB (2013, Atul Sabharwal, India, A+25)


22.MEDAL OF HONOR (2009, Calin Peter Netzer, Romania, A+25)


23.PROTECTOR (2009, Marek Najbrt, Czech, A+25)


24.AÏCHA (2009-2012, Yamina Benguigui, TV series, A+15)


25.SHOOTOUT AT WADALA (2013, Sanjay Gupta, India, A+15)


26.THE YEAR OF THE CANNIBALS (1970, Liliana Cavani, Italy, A+15)


27.A TOWN CALLED PANIC (2007, Vincent Patar + Stéphane Aubier, Belgium, animation, A+15)


28.CLARA, A FRENCH PASSION (2008, Sébastien Grall, TV series, A+15)


29.A CORPSE ON THE PILLOW (2010, Éric Woreth, A+15)


30.ACCORDING TO MY GLASS EYE (1972, Paolo Gioli, Italy, A+15)


31.CLIMAX (2009, Frédéric Sojcher, A+15)


32.STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS (2013, J.J. Abrams, A+10)


33.THE ASSOCIATES (2009, Alain Berliner, A+)


34.THE MURDERED HOUSE (1988, Georges Lautner, A+)


35.EPIC 3D (2013, Chris Wedge, animation, A+)


36.FAST & FURIOUS 6 (2013, Justin Lin, A+)


37.IRON MAN 3 (2013, Shane Black, A+)


38.TUNISIA, THE SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS TRAPPERS (2012, Regina Niedenzu, documentary, A+)


39.THE GREAT GATSBY (2013, Baz Luhrmann, A+)


40.BEYOND (2010, Pernilla August, Sweden, A+)


41.COOL KIDS DON’T CRY (2012, Dennis Bots, Netherlands, A+)


42.BYDLO (2012, Patrick Bouchard, Canada, animation, A+)


43.PALAIS ROYAL! (2005, Valérie Lemercier, A+)


44.RUROUNI KENSHIN (2012, Keishi Otomo, A+)


45.SUNDAY BUDDHIST SCHOOL โรงเรียนพระพุทธศาสนาวันอาทิตย์ (2012, Chulayarnnon Siriphol, documentary, A+)


46.THE SECRET OF BRAILLE (2008, Olivier Guignard, TV series, A+/A)


47.GADDAFI (2013, Panu Aree + Kaweenipon Ketprasit + Kong Rithdee, documentary, A+/A)


48.EVIL DEAD (2013, Fede Alvarez, A+/A)


49.GHOST TOWN FESTIVAL เทศกาลเมืองร้าง (2013, Abhichon Rattanabhayon, documentary, A)


50.MY LAST ROLE (2005, Olivier Ayache-Vidal, A)


51.PINK DOT 2013: HOME – 29 JUNE 2013 (2013, Boo Junfeng, Singapore, A)


52.FUCK UK (2012, Benoît Forgeard, A)


53.KILL THE ROACH, THE ART OF MOVEMENT (2012, Paul Belêtre + Dove Ellia + Cyril Freoua, A-)


54.GRANDPA’S RESISTANCE (1983, Jean-Marie Poiré, A-)


55.LA LOI DE MURPHY (2009, Christophe Campos, A-)


56.BLIND SPOT (2012, Christoph Wagner, Luxembourg, A-)


57.WONDERFUL SUMMER (2011, Ryszard Brylski, Poland, A-)


58.CRUSH (2013, Malik Bader, B )


59.LOVE IN THE RAIN ฤดูที่ฉันเหงา (2013, Worrawech Danuwong, C)


60.THE LAST RHAPSODY (2011, Bence Gyöngyössy, Hungary, C)


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