Saturday, February 16, 2008


--This is my comment in Wise Kwai’s blog:

Thank you very much for writing about this topic. I'm afraid the future of Thailand is not very bright at the moment. I don't want to imagine what will happen next. :-(

I just saw some Thai short films today, and there are two short films which talk about Samak among other topics. These two films are ROY TAI PRAE (2008, Uruphong Raksasad) and SPORT NEWS: THE BULLSHIT ARE GOING, THE WANDERING GHOSTS ARE COMING (2008, Manussak Dokmai). These two films were made near the end of 2007 after people had known that Samak was going to be the next prime minister. I’m sure there will be more Thai short films made in the near future about this government.


--This is my comment in Wise Kwai’s blog:

Yes, I think many good films got bad trailers. Filmsick (my Thai friend) said that he likes IN COUNTRY AND MELODY (2007, Note Chern-yim) a lot. But I didn’t choose to go to see this film because of that scatological trailer. If the trailer of this film did not have that scatological scene, I might have gone to see it already.


--This is my reply to Aaron in my English-only blog:

I like the opening scene a lot. I have heard that the opening scene of DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN (1985, Susan Seidelman) is directly inspired by the opening scene of CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING, but I haven’t seen DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN yet.

I just saw PARIS BELONGS TO US (1960, Jacques Rivette) from a dvd a few months ago, and this dvd includes Jonathan Romney’s comment on the film, which I think is very useful. At first I thought PARIS BELONGS TO US is only about a girl getting involved with a conspiracy, but Romney’s comment makes me think that maybe the film is actually about “how to create a story”. I think Rivette’s films can be appreciated in many levels. I can’t analyze any films deeply, but I still love Rivette’s films a lot because his films represent a limitless filmic world or something like that to me. But for people who can analyze films deeply, they also find Rivette’s films very interesting, too.

Yeah, I would love to translate Filmsick’s blog from time to time. His latest reviews include reviews on KILLER OF SHEEP, VAGABOND, MOTHER INDIA, THE THIRD GENERATION, A MAN ESCAPED, MY LIFE TO LIVE, THE THIRD PART OF THE NIGHT, DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE, THE IMAGE (Radley Metzger), and GLORIA (1980, John Cassavetes). He is really prolific.

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