Sunday, February 10, 2008

I-BE AREA (2007, Ryan Trecartin, A++++++++++)

In 2001 I was shocked by THE DEATH OF MARIA MALIBRAN (1972, Werner Schroeter)

In 2003 I was shocked by A VIRUS KNOWS NO MORALS (1985, Rosa von Praunheim)

In 2004 I was shocked by SEVEN DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS (2003, Joel Cano)

In 2005 I was shocked by MADAME X: AN ABSOLUTE RULER (1978, Ulrike Ottinger)

In 2006 I was shocked by WHAT HAPPENED TO MAGDALENA JUNG? (1983, Christoph Schlingensief)

In 2007 I was shocked by LOOK OF LOVE (2006, Yoshiharu Ueoka)

In 2008 I am shocked by I-BE AREA (2007, Ryan Trecartin, 108 minutes)

In the first half of I-BE AREA, I think there is a classic moment happening every one minute. In the second half of I-BE AREA, I think there is a classic moment happening every five second.

As my listening comprehension is very bad, I understand only 1 % of what the characters in I-BE AREA are talking. But understanding what the characters are talking or doing, or understanding what is happening in this video seems to be of no importance to me. Just watching it, without understanding it, is enough to make me laugh and feel very excited. I am sure I-BE AREA will hold a spot in my top ten most favorite films of 2008.

I-BE AREA also reminds me of the music video DOIN’ THE DO (1990) by Betty Boo. It is as crazy as that music video.

This is a quote from Holland Cotter’s review on I-BE AREA in The New York Times:

“Mr. Trecartin, in his 20’s, grew up in Ohio and now lives in Philadelphia, and owes a lavish debt to Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith, John Waters and a rich tradition of queer film and theater, as well as to artists, queer and not, like George and Mike Kuchar, Peggy Ahwesh, Sadie Benning, Paul McCarthy, John Bock, Kalup Linzy, K8 Hardy, Sue de Beer and the collective Paper Rad.”

I-BE AREA is showing now at CONFERENCE OF BIRDS GALLERY in Bangkok. You can see the map to the gallery at the link below.

Contrary to the information in the website above, I-BE AREA is shown there until February 14. The gallery is open from 12.00-20.00 hrs.

You can watch some clips of I-BE AREA from the links below:

You can see some images of I-BE AREA from the link below:

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