Friday, February 08, 2008


I sent my favorite film list of 2007 to Senses of Cinema in late December, and I was surprised yesterday to find my list not included. However, after contacting Senses' editor, now I know the reason why my list is not included. My e-mail just got lost. It never reaches the editor. I feel very glad now after I know the reason. Before that, I was wondering if I had made such a bad list that it got rejected. Now I know it's nobody's fault, except the bad telecommunication system.

This is the reply that Senses' editor gave to me:

" Have just finished an extensive search of our files and your email does not show up. What email address did you use, i.e contributors@, editor@,etc?You have contributed in the past, so, there is no reason for us not to have included your list if we had received it. Please let me know what emailaddress you used."

--Now I wonder if many of my e-mails in the past reached my friends or not. Sometimes I wrote something important to a friend, but he/she never replies. Did those e-mails get lost, too? What should I do to prevent this from happening again? I normally use a yahoo's address. Should I switch to something else?


celinejulie said...

This is my reply to Girish in my English-only blog:

Talking about spam filter, I have heard that if any e-mail contains many internet links, that e-mail may be diverted into the junk mail folder.

A couple of years ago I used to pay no attention to any e-mails in the junk mail folder. I got a lot of junk mails at that time, and I foolishly trusted Yahoo’s automatic system. I thought there was no chance an important e-mail coming to me would be diverted into a junk mail folder. So I didn’t spend my time checking e-mails in that folder. However, one day I opened a bank account and the bank sent an e-mail to me containing important password, and that e-mail was diverted into the junk mail folder, and I didn’t know about that important e-mail because I never checked that folder. After that incident, I started checking e-mails in the junk mail folder regularly.

I remember that a few months ago Brian Darr sent an e-mail to Ed Hardy, Jr. to participate in the Halloween film poll, but his e-mail got lost. I hope this kind of thing won’t happen again to anyone.

Though we can’t trust the e-mail system, we also can’t trust the old mail system. The latest incident just happened to Tossaphol Boonsinsukh, one of my most favorite directors of all time. Tossaphol just made a new film in Japan called SNOW DOESN’T FALL, and then he sent his DVD to Bangkok so that it can be shown in a small film festival. But his DVD got lost and never reaches the film festival organizer in Bangkok, and that means this film is lost forever, because Tossaphol has no other copy of the film left. It’s very sad to hear things like this.

celinejulie said...

Thinking about how to solve the e-mail loss problem, I think I may just add the following sentence to some important e-mails: “Recently I’ve found that some of my e-mails never reach the intended recipients, so if you’ve got this e-mail, please reply that you’ve got it. Or else I may have to send you this e-mail again.”

celinejulie said...

Senses of Cinema has included my list in its world poll. I feel very glad. Thank very much to the editor of Senses of Cinema. You can now read my list here: