Tuesday, September 13, 2016


1.AREAS OF SYMPATHY (2013, Maximilian Le Cain, Ireland, 40min, A+30)
2.BACKGROUND (2011, Maximilian Le Cain, Ireland, short, A+30)
3.HOTEL LA MIRAGE (2010, Maximilian Le Cain, Ireland, short, A+25)
4.DIRT (2012, Maximilian Le Cain, Vicky Langan, Ireland, short, A+25)
5.SCHEMA (2012, Maximilian Le Cain, Ireland, short, A+10)
6.SMUDGE (2010, Maximilian Le Cain, Ireland, short, A+)

--These are some short films by Maximilian Le Cain that I saw. I like AREAS OF SYMPATHY the most, because it is different from many experimental films which deal with landscape and abstract things. AREAS OF SYMPATHY seem to deal with some specific subjects, including old sci-fi films. This subject makes this film different.

I don’t know any titles of the old sci-fi films which are included in this film.

The scene that I like the most in AREAS OF SYMPATHY is the scene which show a woman with black cape walking past a railing fence. She walks past it about five times, with slightly different postures every time.

--BACKGROUND is very beautiful, though I understand nothing in it. I think one of the most memorable things in this film is the scenes of some electricity towers.

--HOTEL LA MIRAGE is ethereally beautiful.

--DIRT is very memorable, especially the last scene. I don’t know if I like the last scene or not. Part of me doesn’t like this kind of activity—spitting in each other’s face. Another part of me thinks this activity is rarely presented in films, so no matter whether I like the content of the scene or not, I must admit the scene is unique.

--SCHEMA is beautiful in its own way, though I think it is not very different from many experimental films I have seen. However, I prefer SCHEMA to SMUDGE, because SCHEMA seems to have a structure, while SMUDGE seems to be too difficult or too brief for me to understand or appreciate.

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