Saturday, July 03, 2010

COMING OF AIDS (Wasuthep Ketpetch, A+++++)


COMING OF AIDS (Wasuthep Ketpetch, A+++++)
COMING OF AIDS (วาสุเทพ เกตุเพ็ชร์)

DELUSION (MOHA) (Suparirk Kanitwaranun, A+++++)

COMPETITIVE STRATEGY (Weera Rakbangerd, A+++++)
COMPETITIVE STRATEGY (วีระ รักบ้านเกิด)

HAPPEN! (Taweewit Kitthanasoontorn, A+++++)
HAPPEN! (ทวีวิทย์ กิจธนสุนทร)

DEPT OF KILL (Panich Jirawattananun, A+)
DEPT OF KILL (พณิช จิระวัฒนานันท์)

COWBOYMILK (Ekapon Setthasook, A+)
COWBOYMILK (เอกภณ เศรษฐสุข)

DEAR MUM AND DAD (Wanweaw Hongwiwat + Weawwan Hongwiwat, A+)

DISAPPER (Pirun Anusuriya, A+)
DISAPPEAR (พิรุณ อนุสุริยา)

CLEAN (Ploypun Wisetsinthop, A+)
CLEAN (พลอยพรรณ วิเศษสินธพ)

DEPRESSION (Thitiwat Samitinuntana, A+)
DEPRESSION (ฐิติวัฒน์ สมิตินันทน์)

DO YOU LOVE ME? (Prempapat Plittpolkranpim, A+)

COCKROACHES (Nattapong Nilprom, animation, A+)
COCKROACHES (ณัฐพงศ์ นิลพรหม)

FOOD & DRINK (Sarayuth Tangjitpaew, A)
FOOD & DRINK (ศรายุทธ์ ตั้งจิตแผ้ว)

DESSERT & DELIGHT (Sarayuth Tangjitpaew, A)
DESSERT & DELIGHT (ศรายุทธ์ ตั้งจิตแผ้ว)

FEEL FIELD (Nutta Punyadilok, A/A-)
FEEL FIELD (ณัฏฐา ปัญญาดิลก)

DATE (Jarumas Wannapong, A-)
DATE (จารุมาศ วรรณพงษ์)

DIFFERENT (Garn Naksena, animation, A-)
DIFFERENT (กานต์ นาคเสนา)

FREE HUG, FUCK YOU (Prempapan Plittpolkranpim, A-)
FREE HUG, FUCK YOU (เปรมปพันธ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์)

HAPPY BIRTH DAY (Narong Seprakone, B+)
HAPPY BIRTH DAY (ณรงค์ เสประโคน)

HANUMAN (Sarawich Hattasumrit, animation, B+)
HANUMAN (สารวิช หัตถสัมฤทธิ์)

DRACONIC (Narin Bunreung, animation, B+)
DRACONIC (นรินทร์ บุญเรือง)


celinejulie said...

I like DISAPPEAR more when I saw it the second time. The film just makes me wonder if the grandmother will be ignored by the mother again at the end of the film. I feel as if the mother doesn't pay attention much to the grandmother, but when the mother runs into trouble, she asks for help from the grandmother. When her problem is solved, the mother may ignore the grandmother again. In the end, the grandmother just sits in the background. Her back turns towards us. Her face "disappears" again from the film and maybe from the mother's mind.

celinejulie said...

Wassachol's comparison between the grandmother and the statue in DISAPPEAR is very thought-provoking. Maybe it means some people pay attention to "religion" only when they have some trouble. After their problems are solved, religion "disappears" from their minds.