Thursday, June 23, 2011

Films about "Community by the Sea"


1.CHARLIE ST. CLOUD (2010, Burr Steers, A-)

2.COLD WATER OF THE SEA (2010, Paz Fábrega, Costa Rica, A+)

3.CRAB TRAP (2009, Oscar Ruiz Navia, Colombia, A+)

4.THE END OF THE GOLDEN WEATHER (1991, Ian Mune, New Zealand, A)

5.THE GEM FROM THE DEEP (1987, Cherd Songsri, A+)

6.A HEARTFUL OF LOVE (2005, Akihiko Shiota, A)

7.THE LIGHT (2004, Philippe Lioret, France, A)

8.NABBIE'S LOVE (1999, Yuji Nakae, A+)

9.SWIMMING (2000, Robert J. Siegel, A+)

10.WHAT I'M DOING HERE! (2006, Francesco Amato, Italy, A-)


1.CAVIER, A TREASURE FROM IRAN (2008, Dariusch Rafiy, A+)

2.GALICIA, ENDANGERED FISHERMEN (2009, Anuschka Seifert + Bernd Gerriets, Spain, A+/A)

3.HAWAII BEACH BOYS (2009, Carsten Maas, A)

There's a very interesting marathon event held in a long stretch of beach in New Zealand, but this event causes some conflicts. What I like very much in this film is the fact that the conflict about the marathon event is not only about the Maori versus the Whites, but also about various Maori tribes who used to fight against one another in the region.

5.RIAU ORANG LENT (Zai Kuning, Singapore/Indonesia, A+/A)

6.SCILLY, THE NARCISSUS ISLAND (2009, Heiko de Groot, UK, A-)
If I remember it correctly, what I like very much in this film is the dilemma about the nature conservation vs. fishery. Some poor fishermen want to fish in an area where the environmentalists think should be protected from fishing.

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