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Peter Nellhaus has tagged me to make a list of 20 favorite actresses. I think I will tag Filmsick and Merveillesxx to do their own lists, too.

Peter Nellhaus’ list:

I think it started from Nathaniel R.’s list:

Nick Davis’ list has Tilda Swinton and Delphine Seyrig

Filmsick’s blog:

Merveillesxx’s blog:

MY 20 FAVORITE ACTRESSES (with their great performances)

Most of the images below are from http://www.allocine.fr/ . Most of the images are from other films, not the films listed here. I choose these actresses mostly because I like them without reasons, not because I think all of them are great artists.

1.Hiam Abbass
THE SYRIAN BRIDE (2004, Eran Riklis, Israel)

2.Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
FORGET ME (1994, Noemie Lvovsky)

3.Rossy de Palma
KIKA (1993, Pedro Almodovar, Spain)

4.Marina de Van
IN MY SKIN (2002, Marina de Van, France)

5.Emmanuelle Devos
MY SEX LIFE…OR HOW I GOT INTO AN ARGUMENT (1996, Arnaud Desplechin, France)

6.Illeana Douglas
ACTION (1999, US TV series)

7.Irm Hermann
KATZELMACHER (1969, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, West Germany)

8.Chamaiporn Jaturapush

9.Sandrine Kiberlain
A VENDRE (1998, Laetitia Masson, France)

10.Elina Lowensohn
SOMBRE (1999, Philippe Grandrieux, France)

11.Birgit Minichmayr
YOU BET YOUR LIFE (2005, Antonin Svoboda, Austria)

12.Magdalena Montezuma
THE DEATH OF MARIA MALIBRAN (1972, Werner Schroeter, West Germany)

13.Bulle Ogier
THE SALAMANDER (1971, Alain Tanner, Switzerland)

14.Nobuko Otowa
MOTHER (1963, Kaneto Shindo, Japan)

15.Marie Riviere
THE GREEN RAY (1986, Eric Rohmer, France)

16.Pawinee Samankaboot
She is mainly a stage actress, but she also stars in a short film called HASAN (2008, Attapon Pamakho, Thailand, A+)

17.Delphine Seyrig
INDIA SONG (1975, Marguerite Duras, France)

18.Maggie Siu
CONSCIENCE (1994, Hong Kong TV series)

19.Sumontha Suanpolrat
She is mainly a stage actress, but she also stars in MHEEJOU (2008, Sukanya Wongsathapat, Thailand, A+).

20.Tilda Swinton
EDWARD II (1991, Derek Jarman, UK)

--This is the list of TV series starring Maggie Siu from Pantip webboard:

1985 :: Take Care, Your Highness ฮ่องเต้เจ้าสำราญ
1985 :: Reincarnated Princess กำเนิดเจ้าแม่กวนอิม
1985 :: Chung Mo Yim นางพญาหน้าด่าง
1985:: Class of 4D
1985 :: Happy Spirit
1985 :: The Rough Ride เทพบุตรทรนง
1985 :: Yang Saga ขุนศึกตระกูลหยาง

1986 :: Movie Maze
1986:: Suet Gwong Fan Tong
1986 :: The Twin Heirs เจ้าชายแฝด
1986 :: Buk Dau Chin Fung
1986 :: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre ดาบมังกรหยก

1987 :: The S.I.B. Files
1987 :: Shaolin's Wing Chun เส้าหลินไท้เก๊ก
1987:: Sharkhunt Operation
1987:: The Conspiracy

1988 :: Tin Long Kip ดาวประกาศิต
1988:: The In-Between ไยตะวันไม่ส่องฉัน
1988 :: And We Live ค่าแห่งชีวิต
1988:: Da Gong Gui Juk สาวยัปปี้
1988:: The Tribulation of Life ชีวิตบัดซบ
1988 :: Bing Kuen ศึกชิงบัลลังค์

1989 :: Triangular Entanglement
1989 :: The Time of Taste แผ่นดินรักแผ่นดินเลือด
1989 :: An Elite's Choice ขุนพลแห่งกวนหยัง
1989 :: Looking Back In Anger คู่แค้นสายโลหิต

1990 :: Kim Mo Tuk Ku Kau Pai กระบี่มารตุ๊กุฉิวไป้
1990 :: Blood of Good and Evil เลือดเจ้า
1990 :: The Serpentine Romance เดชนางพญางู
1990 :: Silken Hands แม้ฟ้าจะลิขิต

1991 :: Breaking Point เพื่อนรักเพื่อนแค้น
1991 :: The Survivor ประกาศิตเพชรฆาตสาว
1991:: The Change of Time สายเลือด

1992 :: Crime Fighters มือปราบมังกรโหด
1992 :: The Hero From Shanghai จ้าวพยัคฆ์เซี่ยงไฮ้

1993 :: Yang's Women Warriors

1994:: Conscience ไฟอารมณ์

1995 :: Justice Pao เปาบุ้นจิ้น

1996 :: The Good Old Days แผ่นดินรักแผ่นดินเลือด
1996 :: Wong Fei Hong Series วีรบุรุษหวงเฟยหง

1998 :: Web of Love สื่อรักอินเตอร์เนต

1999:: Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, 1999 จิ้งจอกภูเขาหิมะ
1999 :: Detective Investigation Files 4 ทีมล่าพระกาฬ
1999 :: Anti-Crime Squad ดับอิทธิพลเถื่อน
1999:: At the Threshold of an Era เพื่อนรักหักเหลี่ยมโหด

2000 :: Healing Hands 2 คนบาปดงนักบุญ
2002:: The White Flame
2002 :: Treasure Raiders ศึกชิงขุมทรัพย์สะท้านภพ
2002 :: Pelrish In The Name of Love รักเหนือฟ้าธิดาจักรพรรดิ์

2003:: Virtues Of Harmony ครอบครัวหรรษา
2003 :: Find The Light จอมคนสยบฟ้าท้าอธรรม
2003:: Hard Fate


Anonymous said...

More European actresses than I expected. One of the things that bothers me about Thai films is that the actresses seem to make films infrequently or are in a couple of films, and then disappear. Lena Christensen is one of the few with something resembling a real career. I also think Nong should be an action film star - she's prettier than that girl who starred in Chocolate.

Ed Howard said...

This is a great, idiosyncratic list -- it's good to see one of these that's so distinct from all the rest. My own list only overlaps with yours on Marie Riviere, who is indeed amazing in Rohmer's films.

I just saw In My Skin recently and was blown away by Marina de Van, who is just utterly fearless in that role.

Also, your Irm Hermann pick reminds me that one could probably make a respectable list of this sort only using actresses who have appeared in Fassbinder films: Schygulla, Mira, Carstensen, Karina, Mattes, Sukowa, Ogier, etc.

Anonymous said...

เดี๋ยวสักพักหนูจะตอบ tag นะคะ

เมื่อวานไปดู ดักสันดาน ที่ตึกโตโยต้ามา ก็สนุกดีค่ะ มีฉากตบตีกันของ ญ เยอะเหมือนกัน เดาว่าพี่ Mds น่าจะชอบค่ะ

celinejulie said...

Peter, I think my list is like this because I started loving films after I had watched Derek Jarman’s films and started going to see films at Alliance Francaise and Goethe Institute in 1995. I feel I can easily connect to the feelings in these European films, but I can’t connect easily to most Thai films and Thai TV series.

There are some Thai actresses I like very much, but they are stage actresses. Thai film industry doesn’t have many opportunities for real female artists.

I wish I had seen more Thai films made during 1970’s and 1980’s. I am told that there are many Thai dramatic films made during these two decades which focused on women’s lives. By the late 1980’s, most Thai films turned to focus on teenagers’ romance, and Thai actresses didn’t have the chance to show their real talents in this kind of teenager films.
If I have time, I will try to create a list of my favorite Thai female performances. I like some performances by Sinjai Hongthai, Jintara Sukhapat, Supan Buranapim, Mayurachat Muenprasitthivet, and Pimpan Chalaikupp very much, though I can’t say they are my real favorite actresses. I just love them in “some films”, not love them in “most films”.

celinejulie said...

Ed Howard, I’m very glad you have Juliet Berto and Marie Riviere in your list. I wish I had seen more films starring Juliet Berto. I like her very much in LA CHINOISE and CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING. I also saw MR. KLEIN (1976) many years ago, but couldn’t remember Juliet Berto in this film. I need to see it again.

I love all the women in Fassbinder’s films. Fassbinder knew how to make actresses last long in the audience’s memory. I also like “Y Sa Lo” in THE THIRD GENERATION, Elisabeth Trissenaar in BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ and BOLWIESER, Rosel Zech in VERONIKA VOSS, and Jeanne Moreau in QUERELLE.

My cinephile friend and I hope someone will make a film starring Marina de Van, Beatrice Dalle, Asia Argento, and Yekaterina Golubeva in the same film. The film would be so bloody and surreal.

Ed Howard said...

Obviously, I need to see Mr. Klein again too, because while I remember enjoying the movie and the lead performances from Moreau and Delon, I had forgotten that Juliet Berto was in it. Besides the films you mention, she's also great in Le gai savoir and Duelle.

Claire Denis has at least gotten halfway to your cinephile dream quartet, since L'intrus has both Ms. Dalle and Ms. Golubeva.

Frank Partisan said...

I have to think about that question.

I have at my blog, a post about Pilobulos.

Anonymous said...

here's my list

Anonymous said...

Delphine Seyrig and Bulle Ogier are great! Even in France, internauts did not choose actress like that...
Congratulations! (Marie Riviere, that's a great idea)

celinejulie said...

I wish I could read French. I read your list and realized that I had never known Laurie Bird, Mariko Okada, Claudia Cardinale and Lina Romay. I will try to see their films when I have a chance.

I also like Sandrine Bonnaire very much, especially in LA CEREMONIE.