Thursday, December 11, 2008


(The images here show the specified actresses, but most of them don’t show the specified films/TV series.)

1.Benjawan Boonyakard as a serial killer in MUANG NAI MORK (A TOWN IN FOG) (1978, Permpol Choei-arun)
It's sad that Benjawan only plays in two films.

2.Chanutporn Wisitsopon in PLOY TALAY (THE GEM FROM THE DEEP) (1987, Cherd Songsri)
It's sad that Chanutporn only plays in two films.

3.Janjira Jujang in MAI SIN RAI FAI SWAT (THE FLAME OF LOVE NEVER DIES) (1994, Adul Dulyarut, TV series)
In this series, the heroine got pregnant by the man she hates, so she decided to abort his child by herself by using a clothes hanger. After I knew the story of this TV series, sometimes when I see a clothes hanger, it reminds me of the abortion.

4.Jariya Saranakom in SOI PRARTANA 2500 (AN ALLEY NAMED DESIRE, B.E. 2500) (1998, M.L. Bhandevanop Devakul, TV series)
This is adapted from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. Jariya plays the Blanche DuBois’ role.

A clip from AN ALLEY NAMED DESIRE, B.E. 2500

The opening title of AN ALLEY NAMED DESIRE, B.E. 2500

5.Jintara Sukhapat in YUE (VICTIMS) (1987, Chana Kraprayoon)
Jintara plays a servant who becomes a victim of two sadistic male teenagers.

Jintara also gives a great performance in a TV series called PHA THONG (GOLDEN CLOTH). This is the opening title of PHA THONG:

6.Mayura Thanaboot in THAT WOMAN’S NAME IS BOONRAWD (1983, Supan Buranapim, TV series)

7.Mayrachat Muenprasitthivet in PRASART (INSANE) (1975, Piak Poster)
This film deals with three insane women.

8.Nattaya Dangbu-nga as a drug addict in TANG SAI TARD (THE PATH OF SLAVERY) (1989, Suprawat Patamasoot, TV series)

9.Sinjai Hongthai in LAR (HUNT) (1994, Supol Wichienchai, TV series)
LAR is one of my most favorite TV series of all time, and it is adapted from one of my most favorite novels. Sinjai plays a rape victim who hunt down seven rapists. One of my most favorite scenes in this series is a scene in which a kind auntie who used to be good to the heroine suddenly turns out to be a drug seller who actually cooperate with the rapist gang. The auntie has a rifle in her hand, but when the police comes, the auntie says to the police, “Don’t hurt me. I’m just an old woman. I’m not dangerous.” The auntie says this despite the fact that she just held a rifle in her hand. My friends and I think this is one of the funniest scenes of all time.

10.Supan Buranapim as a serial killer in MUANG NAI MORK (A TOWN IN FOG) (1978, Permpol Choei-arun)



1.Bongkoj Khongmalai in THE JUDGEMENT (2004, Pantham Thongsangl)

2.Focus Jirakul in PIDTERMYAI HUAJAI WAWOON (HORMONES) (2008, Songyos Sugmakanan)

3.Intira Jaroenpura in THE HOUSE (2007, Monthon Arayangkoon)

4.Janet Khiew in YAM YASOTHON (2005, Petchtai Wongkalmlao)
Apart from being an actress, Janet Khiew is also a famous singer.

A music video of Janet Khiew:

5.Naowarat Yuktanan in GHOST-IN-LAW (2008, Seree Phongnithi + Tanit Jitnukul)

6.Napakpapha Nakprasitte in LONG KHONG (ART OF THE DEVIL II) (2005, Ronin Team)

7.Patharawarin Timkul in BODY # 19 (2007, Paween Purijitpanya)

8.Pichanart Sakakorn in THE VICTIM (2006, Monthon Arayangkoon)

9.Pimpan Chalaikupp in COLIC: DEK HEN PEE (2006, Patchanon Thammajira)

10.Vasana Chalakorn in THE 8TH DAY (2008, Chatchai Yodsaranee)


This is my comment in Ed Howard’s blog:

Your review is great. I saw this film many years ago without subtitles, and always wondered what the film is all about. Now I can understand it better. I always like the theme of conspiracy in Rivette’s films, which can also be found in PARIS BELONGS TO US (1960), GANG OF FOUR (1988), and UP DOWN FRAGILE (1995). I think the conspiracy seems the most sinister or the most serious in PARIS BELONGS TO US, but in some other films the conspiracy can also turn to be a benevolent one. I like the playfulness and the mysteriousness of his films very much.


Frank Partisan said...

I was surprised that you picked so many action/adventure movies to pick performances you liked.

In the US, the Academy Awards are not usually given to action or comedy. It's a issue of snobbishness.

celinejulie said...

--I think I pick a lot of horror films for the Thai performances I like because of these reasons:

1.There are not many kinds of current mainstream Thai films. Many mainstream Thai films are horrors or comedies. I wish there are more dramatic or melodramatic Thai films now.

2.I can connect easily to horror films because

2.1 Many horror films deal with "hatred".

2.2 Many horror films present a world in which we can trust no one.

2.3 Many horror films present a world in which danger seems to lurk in every corner.

I like these qualities in many horror films very much. Personally, I find it very difficult to connect to most romantic films or most feel-good films. That's why Thai romantic films or feel-good films almost have no place in my favorite list.

3.I think my list is also influenced by the level of my own surprise. I think it is not surprising to find great performances in non-mainstream films, such as films by Pimpaka Towira, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, or Pen-ek Ratanaruang. I like the performances in them, but it is not surprising for me. What surprises me is the real determination of some actresses in horror films to do the best they can no matter how limited their roles are.

4.I think my personal taste is very different from many people. One of my most favorite performances last year is Lindsay Lohan in I KNOW WHO KILLED ME (2007, Chris Sivertson), but she was nominated for Razzie Awards, not Oscar.

--I can't connect to most comedies, but I like the comedic performances by Naowarat Yuktanan and Janet Khiew very much. I think it has to do with their own personalities.

Wise Kwai said...

Thanks for your post.

I've had a poster for Muang Nai Mork hanging on my wall but could never get anyone tell me what film it is.

I wonder why it is that so many of the most talented Thai film actresses only do a a couple of films and then inexplicably disappear?

I enjoyed Pathawarin in Body #19 as well. I thought she was the best thing about that movie.

And I love Yam Yasothon, especially Janet Khiew's performance.

Anonymous said...

โหๆ มีแต่เก๋าๆ ทั้งนั้น
ของฉันก็มีอะไรบางอย่างที่คล้ายคลึงนะ ตรงที่นักแสดงหญิงในดวงใจ มาจากหนังแนว อาชญากรรม ลึกลับ สยองขวัญทั้งนั้น ก็มีบ้างที่เป็นแนวตลก ถ้าจะให้ฉันจัดคร่าวๆ
My Favorite actress

1. Charlize Theron- Monster by Patty Jenkins

2.Christina Ricci- Monster

3.Frances Mcdormand- Burn After Reading by The Coen Bros(แนวคิด "ฉันจะเอาเงินไปทำสวย" คงไม่ธรรมดา ถ้าเจ้าของเป็นเธอ

4.Neve Campbell -Scream trilogy by Wes Craven

5.Isabella Leong- Diary by Oxide Pang[I love her in Spider Lilies but I love her performance vey much in Diary ] หนังเรื่องนี้ ขายในไทยชื่อ "บันทึกผีคลั่ง"

celinejulie said...

WiseKwai, I also hope some Thai great actresses have a longer career in the film industry. Apart from the limited range of Thai films made nowadays, I guess the reasons why some of them have short careers include:

1.Financial reason: Being a talented actress pays very little, though being a beautiful girl pays very well if you become a commercial presenter. For most actresses, it’s just a temporary job. When you are older than 30, it is highly likely that you will be assigned the role of the heroine’s mother, which means you will get paid much less than before. I think many actresses choose to do other jobs after 5 years, because they know they can’t earn a living by being Thai actresses. Before 1990’s, there were also some rumors that some actors/actresses were not paid in some films because these films were made by mafia. No one dared to ask for money from the mafia.

2.Some studio politics: From what I heard, before 1990’s, Thai film industry was ruled by some big studio bosses. Some of these big bosses hate one another very much, so they prevent their actresses to star in films made by other bosses. That’s why Jarunee Suksawasdi never stars in great films made by Cherd Songsri or Chatrichalerm Yukol during that time, though Jarunee really wanted to star in their films. The studio conflicts also led to some film award conflicts. Some of the best actress awards in the 1980’s and 1990’s went to some actresses with some rumors that the award decisions were compromised by the bribery from some studio bosses. I guess this kind of career obstacles might make some Thai actresses feel tired of staying in this industry. It’s too difficult to have a long, respectable career in Thai film industry, if you have to deal with these narrow-minded studio bosses.

3.Fortunately, some great actresses (and also some great Thai film directors) migrate to TV industry and seem to have a long career in it, because they can still play the roles of mothers or grandmothers in TV series. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to follow TV series, so I can’t report much about it. But I have heard from my friends that from time to time you can find great acting in some Thai TV series.

From what I heard about Thai TV series:

3.1 Champagne X gives her best performance in PEEK THONG (GOLDEN WINGS) (1999, M.L. Bhandevanop Devakul). I used to think that Champagne X couldn’t act, but this TV series proves that she can.

You can watch the title of this TV series here:

3.2 Jarunee Suksawasdi gives one of her best performances in KUE HATTA KRONG PIPOP (THE HANDS THAT RULE THE WORLD) (directed by Siam Sangwariboot)

You can watch the title of this TV series here:

3.3 Patravadi Sritrirut (the mother of Patharawarin Timkul) gives one of her best performances in BUN LUNG MAKE (CLOUD THRONE)

3.4 Paweena Chariffsakul gives one of her best performances in BUANG (1992, Supol Wichienchai)

3.5 Ploy Jindachote gives her best performance in TALAY RUE IM (THE SEA IS ALWAYS HUNGRY), which is directed by M.L. Bhandevanop Devakul.

3.6 Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit gives her best performance in MAE LIANG KON MAI (THE NEW STEPMOTHER), which is directed by Toem. I also used to think that Siriam couldn’t act, but this TV series proves that she can.

As for the case of Ploy Jindachote, I think she had worked in TV industry before she moved to film industry.

If I were a Thai film actress, and found that this career could not fulfill me either financially or artistically, I thought I might opt to find a rich husband instead and stop working. Hahaha.

celinejulie said...

ตอบน้อง Initial A

ชอบ Frances McDormand ใน BURN AFTER READING (A+) มากๆเหมือนกัน เธอเล่นได้ฮาแตกมากๆ เห็นเธอในหนังเรื่องนี้แล้ว อยากจับเธอมาปะทะกับดาวตลกหญิงชื่อดังอย่างวราพรรณ หงุ่ยตระกูล, เนาวรัตน์ ยุกตะนันท์, Sabine Azema และ Valerie Lemercier คิดว่าคงจะเป็นการรวมดาวสาวฮาที่น่าสนใจมากๆ

ยังไม่ได้ดู DIARY เลย แต่ถ้าหากพูดถึงการแสดงดีๆในหนังสยองขวัญแล้ว ก็จะนึกถึง Karena Lam + Angelica Lee ใน KOMA (2004, Law Chi-leung) มันเป็นการประชันบทบาทครั้งสำคัญของสองนักแสดงหญิงที่น่าตื่นเต้นมากๆ เรียกได้ว่า “เชือดเฉือน” กันจริงๆ

Anonymous said...

เลยนึกถึง หนังเรื่องใหม่ของ Angelica Lee กับ Isbelle Leong เรื่อง Missing directed by Tsui Hark เลยคิดว่าน่าจะถูกใจเจ้าของบล็อก เพราะนอกจะจะเกี่ยวกับอะไรแนวจิตๆ แล้วหนังยังโดนนักวิจารณ์ด่ายับอีกต่างหาก555555555 และมีฉากที่น่าจะถูกใจเจ๊มากๆ 55

Anonymous said...

การแสดงใน KOMA นอกจากจะ 'เชือดเฉือน'แล้วยังมี แทง ฟัน จาม กันอีกด้วย ฮ่าฮ่า

ยังมีนักแสดงหญิงจำนวนหนึ่งที่เราชอบมากแต่จำไม่ได้ว่าเธอเล่นบทไหน ที่ทำให้จำเธอได้ไม่เคยลืม โดยมากคาดว่าจะเป็นบทนางร้าย ย้อนกลับไปแล้วพบว่าตัวเองจดจำบทนางร้ายได้มากกว่านางเอก

1. ศิรินทิพย์ ศิริรววณ (หม่อมแม่ใน บ้านทรายทอง)
2.รัชนู บุญชูดวง
3.กัณฑรีย์ ณ.สิมะเสถียร (หม่อมแม่ใน วนิดา)
4.หทัยรัตน์ อมตะวานิช(เราไม่แน่ใจว่าตอนหลังเธอเปลี่ยนชื่อเป็น ฤทัยรัตน์หรือเปล่า หรือนามสกุลเธอถูกต้องไหม)
5. ธิติมา สังขพิทักษ์ (เธอเคยเล่นบางบทบาทที่รุนแรงมากในละครแต่เราจำบทบาทนั้นไม่ได้แล้ว)
6.สุภาภรณ์ คำนวนศิลป์ (เธอเล่นบทแม่ หรืออะไรสักอย่างในหนังที่มนรางเอกสองคนลูกรัก ลูกชัง)
7.เปียทิพย์ คุ้มวงษ์
8.วิยะดา อุมารินทร์
9.ลินดา ค้าธัญเจริญ

celinejulie said...

--ขอบคุณน้อง Initial A มากจ้ะสำหรับลิงค์ของ MISSING ดูจากหนังตัวอย่างแล้วมีแนวโน้มว่าจะชอบหนังเรื่องนี้มากๆ เพราะชอบใบหน้าเครียดๆ โรคจิตๆของ Angelica Lee มากๆ

--Filmsick, I like your list of Thai actresss very much. Here is my thought on them:

1.I like Sarintip Siriwan very much in PLAE KAO (THE SCAR) (1977, Cherd Songsri)

2.I wish I could see DUEN SIAO (CRESCENT MOON) (1985, Komson Pongsutham), because Ratchanoo Boonchooduang plays a prostitute in this film. Supan Buranapim and Yanee Jongwisuth also star in this film.

3.I can’t remember much about Gunsee N. Simasatian. I didn’t watch the TV series SAI SEE PLEARNG (FIRE-COLORED SAND), in which she stars.

4.As for Hatairut Amatawanich (หทัยรัตน์ อมตะวณิชย์), I think she gets the best role in RABUMFAI (DANCE OF FIRE), which is a TV series in Channel 3. I think it was broadcasted around 1986-1988. She plays a wife who suffers from serious marital problems. It is adapted from the novel of M. Matugaree, which I like very much. Sangrawee Asawaruk plays a servant who has some psychological problems in this TV series.

5.I like Thitima Sangkapituk very much in PIT RUK (LOVE POISON) (1982, Weeraprawat Wongpuapan, TV series). This TV series made me fall in love with Yuranun Pamornmontree when I was 9-year-old. Yuranun plays the stepson of Thitima in this TV series, if I remember it correctly. I think I have started to like Yuranan again lately after I knew that his father helps abolish the system of absolute monarchy from Thailand in 1932.

I just knew that Thitima stars in a film called SOI FAR KAI TUA สร้อยฟ้าขายตัว (SOIFAR SELLS HERSELF) (1981). I hope I can see this film.

6.I like Supaporn Kumnuansilp in LOD LAI MUNGORN (DRAGON’S STRIPES) (1992, Teerasuk Promngern, TV series)

7.I love Piatip Kumwong, especially in PRASART (1975, Piak Poster), GAM กาม (LUST) (1978, Prince Chatrichalerm Yukol) and ONE NIGHT HUSBAND (2003, Pimpaka Towira).

8.I love Wiyada Umarin, especially in THAT WOMAN’S NAME IS BOONRAWD (1983, TV series). I hope I could see E PRING KON REUNG MUANG (E PRING ENJOYS CITY LIFE) (1980, Rerngsiri Limaksorn), in which Wiyada plays a woman who have seven husbands. You can buy this VCD from

9.I love Linda Katunjaroen. I like her personality very much. I think she is a great model. I wish I could see her TV series called RASAMEJUN (THE AURA OF THE MOON). I think it was broadcasted around 1981-1983.

Anonymous said...


What about Jarunee Sooksawad? I understand that during years years 1977-1988, Jarunee Sooksawad
(born in 1962) appeared in 122 films. When she stopped suddently? "too old" or her movies have no more success or Thai people wanted to see new actress faces or switch to TV serie only? Thanks.

celinejulie said...

Hi Thaiworld

According to Jarunee's interview in Bioscope magazine, Issue 83, October, 2008, she said that one of the reasons for her downfall is because of the booming of videotapes and TV series. Many Thai people chose to stay at home to watch videos and TV, instead of going to cinema. This affected the whole Thai film industry. Film producers kept on losing money. Jarunee found that there was almost no audience for CRAZY MATADOR (1985, Puncome), in which she stars.

There was also a quarrel between Jurunee's film boss and the boss of some cinema chains. So Jarunee's films which used to be shown in first-class theaters, such as Athens, were relegated to second-class theaters.

Jarunee also had to spend a lot of time travelling all over the country to appear in court in each province of Thailand. Someone accused Jarunee of slandering, and that person sued her in courts in all the 71 provinces of Thailand. (Thailand had only 71 provinces at that time.) So Jarunee had to spend a lot of time fighting this case, until her accuser died.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Celine for your detailed answer. I like Jarunee Sooksawad movies. In 1980s, there were more than 100 movies each year so it is not surprising that some movies failed. I forget where I read that she never married. Next time I will ask you about Naowarat Yooktanun :)

celinejulie said...

Yes, I think Jarunee never married. I like Naowarat Yooktanun very much as a comedienne. I think she started becoming a comedienne in late 1990's. I have seen very few of Naowarat's early films, which I assume may not let her true ability shines. Actually I know very little about old Thai films. Hahaha. I'm sure I know about them less than you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes she started at least in 1977 or maybe even earlier. You should try แม้เลือกเกิดได้, Thai social drama movie about life in a brothel. She has a strong role to play.

celinejulie said...

Thank you for your recommendation, Thaiworld. MAE LEUG GERD DAI (1982, Chana Kraprayoon) sounds very interesting, because I like Chana Kraprayoon very much.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when Chana Kraprayoon is born? I couldn't find his picture and birth date on Internet. Thanks.

celinejulie said...

I'm sorry I also can't find his birthdate and his photo.