Sunday, December 14, 2008


This is my comment in WiseKwai’s blog:

Thank you very much for posting this. I really hope that MUANG NAI MORK (A TOWN IN FOG) will be released as a DVD with English subtitles. I really love this film. It is about a rural hotel run by a mother (Supan) and a daughter (Benjawan), who is also a rape victim and is the heroine (or anti-heroine) of this film. They keep killing their guests to steal money from their guests. Sorapong Chatri plays the long-lost son of Supan. He wants to surprise his mother by disguising himself as a guest in his mother’s hotel, but he doesn’t know that his biological family is a family of murderers. They try to kill him, because they think that he is just a guest. Parichart Borisuthi plays a promiscuous girl who is also a guest in this hotel. She fights back when the heroine tries to kill her. However, my most favorite characters in this film is three unnamed women in a village nearby. These three women can scare the serial killer/heroine (Benjawan) without obvious reasons. These three women also participate in a cursing ritual. It is possible that these three women have some kind of magic power, because after they perform the cursing ritual, the serial killer is gang-raped and her father is killed.

I’m sorry if I don’t write the above synopsis in chronological order. There are many events in this film, so I just write about something I like very much in the film.

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