Monday, December 15, 2008


This is the French film program which will be shown at Alliance Francaise on Sathorn Road during Dec-Feb. I’m very glad to say that the films in these three months are chosen by me, because Galapapruek (a Thai film critic), who knows some people in Alliance Francaise, asked me if I would like to help choosing some recent films for these three months. Big thanks to Galapapruek for helping with all these things. I’m not sure if the films in this program are really good or not, because I haven’t seen them. I choose them because I want to see them. There are also not many films from which I can choose. I wish I could choose something like GRADIVA (2006, Alain Robbe-Grillet), but Alliance Francaise in Bangkok doesn’t have this film in its film stock.

For more information on Alliance Francaise, you can read

The films will be shown nearly every Wednesday at 1930 hrs.

17 DEC
LE SOLEIL ASSASSINE (2004, Abdelkrim Bahloul)
This is a gay film.

24 DEC
DANS LE CHAMPS DE BATAILLE (2003, Danielle Arbid)

LE FILMEUR (2005, Alain Cavalier)

14 JAN
LE MONDE VIVANT (2003, Eugene Green)

21 JAN
MARIEES MAIS PAS TROP (2003, Catherine Corsini)

28 JAN
SI JE T’AIME, PRENDS GARDE A TOI (1998, Jeanne Labrune)

L’ARRIERE-PAYS (1998, Jacques Nolot)

11 FEB
RIEN A FAIRE (1999, Marion Vernoux), starring Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

18 FEB
LES AUTRES FILLES (2000, Caroline Vignal)

25 FEB
JACQUOT DE NANTES (1990, Agnes Varda)

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