Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is from an e-mail I sent to a friend:

I guess many Thai songs are about dirty jokes, such as the song SNAKE HEAD by Chutima Naiyana. On the surface, the song is about an insincere guy. But the "snake" in the lyrics of the song has double meaning. It can mean both the insincere guy and the penis.

An excerpt from the lyrics of SNAKE HEAD:
"Snake or pig, I must see it.
I'm gonna measure it. I want to see how long your fang is.
I'm gonna be bad, if I can't control myself.
I'm gonna give you my heart one day.
I'm gonna be a slut."

Another song that I like very much is SAO SEE by Janet Khiew. The song is about a woman who "sells combs" in Pattaya. But the word "comb" in Thai is pronounced "we", which is like "he", which means vagina in Thai. So I guess the song is really about a prostitute in Pattaya.

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