Saturday, February 12, 2011

THE VISITORS (2011, Wasunan Hutawach, A+)

Films I saw in the Postcard Cinema project:

5.THE VISITORS (2011, Wasunan Hutawach, A+)

In the first scene of this film we see foreigners taking photos with a Thai palace guard. In the second scene we see a Thai woman taking photo with a wax figure of a footballer in red uniform. In the third scene we see some Thai women taking photo with a big rabbit doll wearing red shirt in front of Paragon department store.

What is the meaning of this film? I don't know. Are there any deep meanings hidden in it? I'm not sure. Is the third scene a staged scene or a real scene? I'm not sure. Anyway, I like this film very much as a lovely observation on some unimportant human behaviors.

I also learn from this film that foreigners also like to take photos of Thai palace guards. I have never known this before. I used to think that tourists only take photos of British palace guards. If I remember it correctly, two films about female teenagers have a scene of girls making fun of British palace guards. These two films are WINNING LONDON (2001, Craig Shapiro) and DEAR GALILEO (2009, Nithiwat Tharathorn, A).

Wasunan also directed SMALL WORLD (2008, 17 min, A+), DAW (2009, 7 min, A+), THIS WAY (2010, 5 min, A+), and LOVE ME LOVE MY DOG (2010, 8 min, A+).

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