Friday, April 13, 2012

MID-ROAD GANG 2 (2012, Pantham Thongsang, A+)

I like it very much that the film shows us how easy Thai people can be manipulated by the media or by rumors. In this film, many Thai people try to kill a group of innocent dogs just because these people believe that the dogs are evil. Unintentionally, MID-ROAD GANG 2 shows us how Thailand can be like Rwanda.

My most favorite scene in this film is the one in which Nawat Kulrattanarak, wearing a tank top, hugs his dog on a sofa. I like the arm muscle of Nawat very much.

I like Nawat very much, but I don't have enough time to watch TV series. I'm glad to have a chance to see him in a film. I wish he took off his shirt from time to time. Hahaha.

I much prefer MID-ROAD GANG 2 to MID-ROAD GANG (2007, Pantham Thongsang + Somkiat Vituranich, B+). I think MID-ROAD GANG part 1 is just another dog movie, and I don't like dogs. But the topic about the manipulation of Thai people in MID-ROAD GANG 2 makes this film connected to THE JUDGEMENT (2004, Pantham Thongsang, A+). The role of Jer in this film is like the role of Fak in THE JUDGEMENT, both of them are branded evil by society.

There are many nice little things in this film, too, such as the role of Pikun, an old female dog who is obsessed with Buddhist teachings. This role is quite memorable. I also like the role of the grateful elephant and the conflicts between Geng and Jer. These two things don't make this film extraordinary, but makes this film as good as a very entertaining Hollywood film.

I think writing a script for this kind of films is extremely difficult, because there are too many restrictions to cope with, such as the limited ability of the dogs and the extremely limited tolerance of Thai society. If Thai society is much more broad-minded than this, I'm sure some Thai filmmakers can make a film as great as PORNDOGS: THE ADVENTURES OF SADIE (2009, Greg Blatman). :-)

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