Monday, August 17, 2009


(The information below is posted by using Internet Explorer to try to see the difference between using it and Google Chrome.)

I just started using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer and found some problems. When I copy and paste a text from Microsoft Word into this blog, I have to type the Enter bar again to make a new paragraph.

When I use Internet Explorer, I don't have to type the Enter bar again. The paragraphs in my blog look the same as the paragraphs in Microsoft Word. Do anyone of you know how I can use Google Chrome without having to arrange new paragraphs again?


nanoguy said...

My blog had not faced this problem while using Google Chrome. It has a little problem about the font or font-size, but that's okay because my IE has plenty of problems more than GC.

Sorry for cannot telling you how to prevent this problem.

Matthew Hunt said...

I also use Chrome, but don't seem to have this problem.

Maybe you could write the text in Notepad instead of Word? That might prevent formatting problems. Give Chrome another chance, because it's much faster than IE.

Matthew Hunt said...

Another thought: if you do type the blog text in Word, select "No spacing" (not "Normal") from the formatting options:

That worked for me. But Notepad is easier.

Anonymous said...

Post this issue here:

celinejulie said...

Thank you very much for all your comments and suggestions. I just tried using Notepad and it doesn't have paragraph problems, though it can't do hyperlink. I think I may use IE for blogging and use Google Chrome for other internet activities. Google Chrome is really faster, and the reason I start using it is because my friend told me IE is prone to be infected by virus. I hope using IE for blogging only may reduce the chance of being infected.

Thank you again.