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This is an update from my post a year ago:

Thai short films are full of interesting female characters. Some are realistic, such as the ones in PAIRS (2009, Maenum Chagasik), DAO (2009, Wasunun Hutavej), and "(APPLICATION)" (2007, Wanweaw Hongwiwat + Weawwan Hongwiwat, 21 min). Some are dramatic, such as the one in BLIND (2008, Kanjana Akasin, 30 min). Some are fantastic and very inspiring. I use the word "inspring", because these female characters inspire me to create some funny stories in my own head. I greatly enjoy my imagination inspired by these female characters very much. Thanks to all the directors who create such wonderful characters.

In my own imagination, these female characters belong to the same film and they often fight against one another. Maybe this film should be called THE WAR OF FANTASTIC WOMEN (ศึกสาวอภินิหาร).

These very inspiring female characters are:

1.The witch in THE WITCH (2009, Alwa Ritsila)
I think the witch is one of the scariest Thai female characters I have ever seen.

2.Nene in I WILL RAPE YOU WITH THIS SCISSORS (2008, Napat Treepalawisetkun, 13 min)
I like imagining what would happen if Nene fights against the witch.

3.The ghost in MAE NAK (1997, Pimpaka Towira)

4.The ghost of Gimruedee in THE PEN (2008, Weerasak Suyala, 60 min)
I like imagining what would happen if Mae Nak fights against Gimruedee.

5.The woman who keeps a corpse in her room in THOM (2009, Suphisara Kittikunarak)

6.The reading woman in READING INAOW TO FEMALE CORPSE (2001, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook)
I like imagining what would happen if these two corpse-obsessed heroines meet each other.

7.The woman who lets people watch her masturbating in UNPRONOUNCABLE IN THE LINGUISTIC IMPERIALISM OF YOURS (2008, Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke)

8.The woman who masturbates in LONG NIGHT—SHORT FILM (2008, Michael Shaowanasai)

9.The vampires in SUCK ME RAW (ดูดฉันดิบดิบ) (2009, Patanun Chinjaroenchai)

10.The zombie in THE ZOMBIE CHICK (2007, Thitimon Mongkolsawat, 15 min)
I like imagining what would happen if the vampire fights against the zombie.

11.The esper woman in READ ME! (2009, Janenarong Sirimaha)

12.The witch girls in THE MAGIC GIRL (สาวน้อย คาถา แอ๊บแบ๊ว) (2008, Yutthana Seneewong, 33 min)
I like imagining what would happen if the heroine of READ ME fight against the one of THE MAGIC GIRL.

13.The mother who poisons her own daughter in MY MINE (2009, Woratouch Watanakul)

14.The slutty daughter in CENSORSHIT! FATHER AND SON (2008, Professional Dry Cleaner)
I like imagining what would happen if the poisonous mother of MY MINE fights against the daughter of CENSORSHIT!.

15.Chrismas Eve who likes eating children in THE KUMPANY 2 (2008, Nathan Homsup + Dhan Lhaow)

16.The little girl who brings death to her own family in LITTLE ANGEL (2007, Kitisak Koonpetch 22 min)
I like imagining what would happen if Christmas Eve meets the murderous little girl of LITTLE ANGEL.

17.The female serial killer in MIDNIGHT RAINBOW (2008, Patha Thongpan, 15 min)

18.The psychotic female killer in NEW GENERATION (เด็กโจ๋) (2008, Pakwan Suksomthin, 16 min)

19.The female serial killer in PERFORM (2008, Weera Kempetch)

20.The woman who plans to kill her husband in DEAD PLAN (2001, Kulnatee Tuntipisanu, 10 min)

21.The woman who kills someone in her own family after listening to the song LOVE ME TENDER in LADYNIGHT (2008, Angsumalee Senachai, 10 min)

22.The psychotic schoolgirl in PSYCHOSIS (2009, Nisarut Guamsup, 13 min)

23.The evil schoolgirl in WIN'S REMEMBER (เพียงความทรงจำ) (2007, Saichai Ninpetch, 18 min)

24.The woman whose excrement comes in the form of rose petals in ONE DAY A DAY (วันหนึ่งหนึ่งวัน) (2009, Kirati Nakintanont)

25.The literally headless woman in HEADLESS (2009, Dhan Lhaow)

26.The woman who tries to catch a thief in A GIRL CALLED HERO (ผู้ชนะสุดฤทธิ์) (2004, Witcha Suyara, 11 min)

27.The two immortal women in NIRUN (ETERNITY) (2009, Woratape Tammaoros)

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I just realized that there is only one immortal woman in NIRUN, not two.