Sunday, May 16, 2010

THE FOREST OF EROS (1976, Kounavudhi, A+++++)

THE FOREST OF EROS (1976, Kounavudhi, A+++++)

A BRAND NEW LIFE (2009, Ounie Lecomte, A+)

AM STRAM GRAM (2008, Stéphane Kappes, A+)

LADY BAR (2006, Xavier Durringer, A+)

THE HOLE 3D (2009, Joe Dante, A+/A)

LES DIABLOGUES (2008, Jean-Michel Ribes, A-)

I don't like some details in THE FOREST OF EROS (ป่ากามเทพ), but what I love very much in this film is the fact that the hero is a male prostitute, and the heroine is a girl who much prefers a male prostitute to a male doctor. I hope Thai films nowadays make more films of which the heroes are male prostitutes, like THE FOREST OF EROS and CHANG MUN CHUN MAI CARE (1986, M.L. Bhandevanop Devakul, A++++++++++).

What I like very much in AM STRAM GRAM is the gay subplot concerning the romantic relationship between a gay policeman and a bisexual suspect. This makes AM STRAM GRAM much more interesting than ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE (1984, Desmond Davis, A-), which is adapted from the same novel by Agatha Christie.

I like the review on A BRAND NEW LIFE at FILM, EYEBALLS, BRAIN blog very much:

" There’s an unsentimental spareness in A Brand New Life that throws into greater relief the barely articulated emotional devastation at the heart of the film. I can’t describe my favorite scene, but suffice it to say that it’s wordless, and that it’s unexpected, and that it comes at the absolute perfect moment in the narrative, and that it’ll break your heart again."

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