Saturday, November 07, 2009

MERMAID WEARING PANTS (2009, Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke, A+++++)


1.MERMAID WEARING PANTS (2009, Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke, 5 min, A+++++)
I like the fact that the film tackles the political taboos, and I like the way the film uses the found footage, the text, and the sound.

2.PASSION SONATA (2009, Suphisara Kittikunarak, 13 min, A+++++)
I like the story and the way the film views its own characters.

3.IT'S HARD TO SAY HOW I LOVE YOU, CAPTAIN HOOK (2009, Napat Treepalawisetkun, 10 min, A+)
I like the fact that the audience don't know how to react to this film. The film doesn't tell the audience whether the film is a comedy, a satire, or a drama. The film is just its own self, thus freeing the way each viewer can choose to react to the film.

4.GEW GEW (2009, Meathus Sirinawin, 7 min, A+)

The sound of this film isn't clear, so I don't understand much of what the character is saying, but I like the concept of this film very much.

5.MOFO LIFE SIZE DOLL 2 (2009, Alwa Ritsila, 23 min, A+/A)
This film, like every film of Alwa, is visually striking in my opinion. The reason why I don't give this film A+ is just because I think the story is not very interesting. However, I like the bitchy looks of the dolls in this film very much. And I love a graffito on a wall in this film. This graffito says, "I HAVE A HUSBAND!" (กูมีผัว!). It's something I have never seen before. It's funny, weird, and wonderful.

This tiny thing in the film unintentionally inspires my own imagination a lot. Since many graffiti in real life may be written by young male technical college students, this graffito in the film makes me imagine that there should be a film which deals with a male technical college student who loves writing "I HAVE A HUSBAND!" on walls around the town.

6.DAD IS DEAD (2009, Professional Dry Cleaner, 15 min, A)
Since the sound of the film isn't clear, I don't understand many jokes spoken by the characters. But I like the fact that this film tries to compare and contrast some swearing words.