Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was tagged by Filmsick and Taiki Sakpisit for 15 SHORTS AND DOCUMENTARY FILMS IN 15 MINUTES. But there are too many short films and documentary films I worship, so I think I should make a list of 15 short documentaries instead:

1.THE AUDIENCE (2005, Tossapol Boonsinsukh, 10 min)

2.BRUTALITY IN STONE (1961, Alexander Kluge + Peter Schamoni, West Germany)

3.LES DITES CARIATIDES (1984, Agnès Varda, France)

4.THE GROUND I STAND (2002, Sherman Ong, Singapore)

5.HOMEWORK (2006, Sawad Rattanabunnakit)
I'm not sure if this film is a documentary or a mockumetary.

6.IN A BLUR OF DESIRE (2007, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook)
This is the details of IN A BLUR OF DESIRE from 100 Tonson Gallery's website:

"Araya probes into another angel of death in the work “In a blur of desire” which exposes the condition of before death period in a slaughterhouse. How the death of one animal life affects others? All are reflected through the animals that are going to be carved in the provincial slaughterhouse.

“In a blur of desire” exhibition communicates to the audiences with Media Installation that will screen the video picture of pigs, cows and buffaloes that are waiting for its turn in a slaughterhouse. The exhibition reflects fear and qualm of their before death period which is horrendous than the death."

7.MAGIC WATER (น้ำใต้ท้องเรือ) (2000, Panu Aree)

8.A MILLION THREADS (2007, Thu Thu Shein, Myanmar)
I like Chayanin Tiangpitayagorn's article on Burmese films in Starpics Magazine very much.

9.THE...PROFICIENT (เออ...เอ็งเก่ง) (2008, Phumiphat Arayathanitkul, 26 min)

10.SEAPORT (เมืองสมุทร) (2006, Attapon Pamakho + Benya Poowarachnan, 22 min)

11.TEARS (2003, Patana Chirawong, 13 min)

12.TO INFINITY AND BEYOND (2004, Sompot Chidgasornpongse, 10 min)

13.VELIKIJ VAM PRIVIT (2007, Peter Krupa, Slovakia)

14.WAY (ระยะทาง) (2009, Shutima Jaikong)
I'm not sure if this film is a documentary or a mockumetary.

15.THE X-FREE (2000, Wasanta Samrong, 5 min)

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