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THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME (2011, Rattapong Pinyosophon, A++++++++++)

For those who want to see this play, the details are in the link below:

I would like to compare this stage play with other Thai political stage plays I saw:

1.In a way, I think this play is the opposite of IMPROPER FRACTION: A STUDY ON FRAGMENTATION (2011, Thanapol Virulhakul + Vidura Amrananad, A+) and CHUI CHAI (2011, Pichet Klunchun, A+/A), because IMPROPER FRACTION and CHUI CHAI are very oblique for their political messages, while THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME is straightforward.

2.I'm not sure if I agree with the political message of THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME or not, but at least I think its message is much more agreeable to me than LITTLE BASTARDS (ลูกคุณหลวง) (2007, Pa-un Jantarasiri, A) and ONE-LEGGED RABBIT (2007, Pichet Klunchun).

3.THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME is much "smaller" than LIGHT OF FAITH OVER CHAO PHRAYA RIVER (2010, Jirayuth Sinthupunt, A+), KUE POO APIWAT (2010, Sineenadh Keitprapai, A+), and THE OTHER LAND (แผ่นดินอื่น) (2008, Teerawat Mulvilai, A+), though I think THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME is as "effective" as these three bigger stage plays.

4.THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME, which uses three actors, is a bit bigger than HIS GARDEN (2010, Rattapong Pinyosophon, A+), which uses only one actor. However, I prefer THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME to HIS GARDEN, partly because I think the actor (Wasu Wallayangkoon) in COMRADE STORM is a little bit more convincing than the actor (Rattapong Pinyosophon) in HIS GARDEN. I think Rattapong's acting in HIS GARDEN is fine, but he has a kind and young face and a calm voice, so his face may not fit very well with the role of a political science professor.

5. THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME is less daring, complicated, ambitious, or thought-provoking than LADY MINA: VAMPIRE HUNTER (2011, Ninart Boonpothong, A). However, I prefer THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME to LADY MINA: VAMPIRE HUNTER, partly because I think LADY MINA is too complicated and too ambitious, though I like the daring quality of LADY MINA very much.

6.I'm not sure if I like THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME as much as WHEN I SLEPT OVER THE NIGHT OF THE REVOLUTION (2007, Ninart Boonpothong, A+++++++++++++++) or not. COMRADE STORM is much more heartfelt and straightforward than WHEN I SLEPT OVER, but I like the narrative structure of WHEN I SLEPT OVER very much. I think there is a "cerebral" quality in many plays of Ninart. Sometimes the cerebral aspect of Ninart results in such a wonderful play as WHEN I SLEPT OVER, sometimes it results in some plays which are too difficult for me.

7.I'm not sure if the ending of THE DAY COMRADE STORM COMES HOME is "too optimistic" or not. Is it too optimistic compared to the current Thai political situation? Maybe it is just too optimistic for my own taste. I think its semi-peaceful ending is as optimistic as CHEER'S (2009, Gawintorn Sangsakorn, A+).

Judging from the ending alone, I may prefer the massacre ending of PICNIC ON A BATTLEFIELD (2010, Thianchai Isaradej, A) to the ending of COMRADE STORM.

The optimistic, peaceful tone of COMRADE STORM is the main reason why I may not like this stage play as much as THE CRUCIBLE (2010, Malinda Pamornsuwan, A+++++++++++++++), which I think is my most favorite stage play (unintentionally) concerning current Thai political situation.

8.The reason why I give A++++++++++ to THE DAY COMRADE STOME COMES HOME is because of its "heartfelt" quality. This stage play really touches my heart, though it is partly because of a very personal reason. The story in this play reminds me of something in my own family.

I think COMRADE STORM is as heartfelt as THE BROKEN-HEARTED PAPAYA POKPOK VENDOR (2007, Sawanee Utoomma, A++++++++++) and 17 MAY MY VALENTINE (2008, Sawanee Utoomma, A++++++++++).

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