Saturday, May 07, 2011


The link below leads to an article on IMPROPER FRACTION: A STUDY ON FRAGMENTATION (2011, Thanapol Virulhakul + Vidura Amranand, A+), written by Pawit Mahasarinand.

Thanks to Merveillesxx for telling me about this article.

IMPROPER FRACTION reminds me of A RIPE VOLCANO (2011, Taiki Sakipisi, A+) in a way, because both IMPROPER FRACTION (A+) and A RIPE VOLCANO didn't make me feel sure that they were about politics when I first experienced them. If I hadn't read the statement of A RIPE VOLCANO and if I hadn't read this article about IMPROPER FRACTION, I might have thought that these works are about something else.

I also hadn't thought that DELUSIONAL (เชลยแห่งความรัก) (2010, Wachara Kanha, A+) and H2-OH (น้ำ ผีนองสยองขวัญ) (2010, Ong-art Jiamcharoenpornkul, A) were about politics when I first saw them. It's when I read Filmsick's reviews that I started to think that they are about politics.

I also didn't think that EAT (กินข้าว) (2007, Sittipong Patchagow, 14 min, A) was about politics when I first saw it. But after I had seen it for the second time, I started to suspect that this film might be political, but I'm still not sure.

I AM MURDERER (ไอ้ฆาตกร) (2010, Panit Jirawattananunt, 12 min, A+/A) is another film which reveals its political side to me after I saw it for the second time.

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