Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CLAUDE GUEUX (2009, Olivier Schatzky, A++++++++++)

CLAUDE GUEUX (2009, Olivier Schatzky, A++++++++++)

OUR LADY OF THE TURKS (1968, Carmelo Bene, A++++++++++)

3 WOMEN...ONE SUMMER'S NIGHT (2008, Sébastien Grall, A+++++)

IO ISLAND (1977, Kim Ki-young, A+++++)

PROMISE OF THE FLESH (1975, Kim Ki-young, A+++++)

LE COUP DE SIROCCO (1979, Alexandre Arcady, A+++++)

CLOCK (2010, Pasut Kranrattanasuit, installation, A+++++)

THE MESSAGE (2009, Chen Kuo-fu + Gao Qunshu, A+++++)

PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME (2010, Mike Newell, A+++++)

CHAD: THE DISAPPEARING LAKE (2009, Morad Äit-Habbouche + Hervé Corbière, A+++++)

CAT'S PAW HOUSE (2009, Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe, A+)

VIP (2010, Sakchai Kiatpunyaopas, stage play, A+)

BE SCEPTICAL (2010, Noppadon Viroonchatapun + Pitiwat Somthai + Pasut Kranrattanasuit + Suparirk Kanitwaranun, exhibition)

100 YEARS OF FUA HARIPITAK (2010, exhibition)

LUNEVILLE (2008, Sébastien Petit, A+)

STREETDANCE 3D (2010, Max Giwa + Dania Pasquini, A+)

CADEAU DE RUPTURE (2008, Vincent Trintignant-Corneau, A+)

LE COULOIR DE PAS PERDUS (2009, Malika Attar + Christian Leroy, A+/A)

MY SON AIMAR (ไอ้หม่าลูกแม่) (1984, Sor Asanajinda, A)

THE A-TEAM (2010, Joe Carnahan, A-)


celinejulie said...

I worship Park Jong Ja in PLEASURE OF THE FLESH. I like her role in that film very much. Maybe it is because I may do the same thing if I were this character in the film.

I'm not sure why the warden (Park Jong Ja) tries to encourage the heroine to have sex with a much-younger hero. I think it is because the warden wants the heroine to have sexual pleasures. I'm sure I would do the same thing as the warden but for a different reason. I would also encourage the heroine to have sex with the hero on the train, but it's just because I want the hero myself. I would gain pleasure from "secondhand experience", knowing that the heroine can enjoy the thing I want to enjoy.

If the warden did not exist in PROMISE OF THE FLESH, the grade for this film would have fallen dramatically.

IO ISLAND is very hard to understand. But I like the haunted atmosphere in this film very much. Somehow I want to arrange a competition in which the female inhabitants of IO ISLAND must compete with the female inhabitants of the island in THE WICKER MAN (2006, Neil LaBute, A+). The prizewinner will get the cutest guy.

celinejulie said...

This is my reply to a friend in Facebook:

I can't remember the artificial penis scene. But Park Jong Ja's character in IO ISLAND is very interesting. I think she orders one man to secretly kill some pigs of the villagers, so that she can monopolize some business (if I remember it correctly).

Her character is not the veiled woman. The veiled woman is the beautiful woman who was once tied to the rock at the shore when she was young.

I wonder if Park Jong Ja's character really possesses the magical power. She claims that she can retrieve the corpses of those men who were caught by the water demon. And the corpse of one man really turns up on the shore. Do the corpses always turn up on the shore of this island just because of the law of nature or because of the current of water? Or do the corpses turn up because of her supernatural power? In IO ISLAND, the supernatural power seems to really exist, because it can make those men disappear suddenly. So if the supernatural power exists in this film, does her supernatural power exist, too?