Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is my comment in a friend's Facebook:

A film program dedicated to people like me, who hates everybody:

1.BREMEN FREEDOM (1972, Rainer Werner Fassbinder)
2.CALM PREVAILS OVER THE COUNTRY (1976, Peter Lilienthal)
3.LA CÉRÉMONIE (1995, Claude Chabrol)
4.THE CREMATOR (1969, Juraj Herz)
5.COUP POUR COUP (1972, Marin Karmitz)
6.THE EMPEROR'S CLUB (2002, Michael Hoffman) (for people who find out that your old school friends are in fact fascists)
7.EUROPA 2005 – 27 OCTOBRE (2006, Jean-Marie Straub + Danièle Huillet)
8.THE PARTY AND THE GUESTS (1966, Jan Nemec)
9.SOPHIE SCHOLL: THE FINAL DAYS (2005, Marc Rothemund)
10.THEY LIVE (1988, John Carpenter)

and 40 films in my two polls:

Favorite quote from COUP POUR COUP:

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