Saturday, June 05, 2010


I just found out that Wasanta Samrong, the director of this music video, passed away because of lung infection about two months ago.

I worship two of his films. If I remember it correctly, INTERVIEW WITH LADY SRISUDACHAN (2000, Wasanta Samrong, 25 min, A+++++) sympathizes with this "villainess" in Thai history. Maybe this film is an antidote to SURIYOTHAI. THE X-FREE (2000, Wasanta Samrong, 5 min, A++++++++++) has one of my most favorite scenes of all time. It's the scene which focuses on "the lower part" of a male sculpture at the Democracy Monument.

Some details about Wasanta Samrong (in Thai):

By the way, who is the actor in this music video? He is so cute.

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