Saturday, August 07, 2010


Most favorite films seen on Friday, August 6, 2010

1.GOD IS AMERICAN (2007, Richard Martin-Jordan, A+++++++++++++++)

2.THE LAST ELEPHANTS IN THAILAND (2009, Donald R. Tayloe + Michelle Mizner, documentary, A+++++++++++++++)

3.THE MARINA EXPERIMENT (2009, Marina Lutz, documentary, A++++++++++)

4.GO FOR IT (2009, Dejan Acimovic, documentary, A+++++)

5.THE MAGNITUDE OF CONTINENTAL DIVIDES (2009, Christopher Coleman, animation, A+++++)

6.MU –EMPTINESS- (2010, Ria Ama, animation, A+++++)

7.VITRUVIUS' TOYBOX (2005, Dennis Michael Iannuzzi, animation, A+++++)

8.LES INTESTINS DE LA TERRE (2006, Olivier Barbier, documentary, A+++++)

9.10 YEARS TO NASHVILLE (2009, Katarzyna Trzaska, A+++++)

10.PUFFER GIRL (2009, Joan C. Gratz, animation, A+++++)

11.THE CABLE CAR (2009, Claudius Gentinetta, animation, A+++++)

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