Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Favorite Thai Female Directors Lately:

1.Anocha Suwichakornpong (MUNDANE HISTORY)

2.Wasunan Hutawach (LOVE ME LOVE MY DOG เธอชื่อพระจันทร์, THIS WAY ทางออก)

3.Pattaraporn Werasakwong (BEHIND THE SEAWALL ทะเลจากกำแพง)

4.Visra Vichit-Vadakan (IN SPACE สูญญากาศ)

5.Arpapun Plungsirisoontorn (DRY FISH DAY DREAM ฝันตากแห้งของปลากลางแดด, ANGEL AND DEMON (AND THE PANDA GOD))

6.Chulaluck Gongpol (GOGO ลงสนาม)

7.Prawmalee Songmueng (MY FORTRESS OF HAPPINESS ความทรงจำในม่านตาของเธอ)

8.Najaree Ratanajiajaroen (THE RENOVATION OF THE TEMPLE บูรณะ)

9.Arpasri Thitatharn (AN(OTHER) สีน้ำเงินในโฆษณาผ้าอนามัย)

10.Suchana Mudgarun (HANABI)

11.Sinjai Piraisangjun (GOOD MORNING สวัสดี)

12.Siraprapa Puengton (PRINCESS เจ้าหญิง)

13.Nipaporn Kunsing (+ Pimpetch Pimthong) (CHANGING ความเปลี่ยนแปลง, RUNNING วิษณุมนต์)

14.Chunya Thawitangkoon (CIVIC EDUCATION ON CLIPS คลิปใหม่คนใหม่หัวใจพลเมือง)

15.Wanweaw + Weawwan Hongwiwat (DEAR MUM AND DAD)

--I don't know if Pimpetch Pimthong is a boy or a girl. I just know that this director is studying in Roi Ed province.

--The word "director" here means "film director". As for favorite Thai female stage play directors, there are many of them that I like.

--I only include directors whose films I have seen during the past few weeks.

--I still haven't seen many Thai films by female directors, though some of them are available in Youtube. I still haven't seen LAST DREAM (Supamittra Vorapongpichet), RUN AND HIT (Tuksina Pipitkul), SWEET MONOLOGUE (Gawisara Punnapanukool), MARCH OF THE STRANDED (Wanweaw + Weawwan Hongwiwat), REFLECT (Machima Ungsriwong), etc.

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