Monday, August 16, 2010

NATTO (2010, Pat Boonnithipat, A++++++++++)


1.NATTO (Pat Boonnithipat, 18 min, A++++++++++)
ถั่วเน่า (พัฒน์ บุญนิธิพัฒน์)
This is my comment in Thai on NATTO:

2.TIME TO BE... (Athawut Boonyuang, 12 min, A++++++++++)
ถึงแก่การกริยา (อรรถวุฒิ บุญยวง)
This film unintentionally reminds me of the power of some of Chantal Akerman's films, because this film doesn't give me catharsis or climax feeling when I was watching it. But a few days after I had seen this film, I found that the image of the woman on a boat in this film seems to be vividly imprinted in my memory, like the image of the sea at the ending of NEWS FROM HOME (1977, Chantal Akerman). I think TIME TO BE... is an instant classic Thai film.

3.BEHIND THE SEAWALL (Pattaraporn Werasakwong, animation, 7 min, A++++++++++)
ทะเลจากกำแพง (ภัทรภร วีระศักดิ์วงศ์)
Pattaraporn also directed APPLEIS0 (วันที่แอปเปิ้ลมีค่าเท่ากับศูนย์) (2009, animation, 2 min, A+). Though the drawing in Pattaraporn's animations is not outstanding, I still like the stories in both films very much. I also love the colors in BEHIND THE SEAWALL, and I love that the story in this film spans a few decades. This thing unintentionally reminds me of 20TH CENTURY BOYS trilogy. What the older generation tries to do but fails to complete can be completed successfully in the future by the next generation.

4.ON THE ROAD (Thepmanee Kittithavornkul, 22 min, A+++++)
ถนน (เทพมณี กิตติถาวรกุล)
This is as great as a narrative film can be.

5.TO (Uruphong Raksasad, 16 min, A+++++)
โต (อุรุพงษ์ รักษาสัตย์)
I don't know if this is a documentary or not, because everything in this film seems so real. I haven't seen this kind of things from Uruphong's films before, because most of Uruphong's films that I saw concern rural life.

6.ASPIRATION (Jakrapun Suebsaen, animation, 12 min, A+++++)
ทะยานอยาก (จักรพันธ์ สืบแสน)

7.WAY IN THE WOODS (Pisut Srimork, 11 min, A+/A)
ทางกลางป่า (พิสุทธิ์ ศรีหมอก)

8.PRE-ATTITUDE (Panu Saeng-xuto, documentary, 20 min, A+/A)
ทัศนอคติ (ภาณุ แสง-ชูโต)

9.IS IT LOVE, ISN'T (Thitipong Kerdthongthawee, 11 min, A+/A)
ถ้ามันใช่ มันก็คงใช่ (ฐิติพงศ์ เกิดทองทวี)

10.WAY (Rajapruk Tiyajamorn, 8 min, A+/A)
ทาง (ราชพฤกษ์ ติยะจามร)
Rajapruk also directed UNTITLED (ไม่มีชื่อ) (2008, 26 min).

11.GET IT BACK 3 (Wissanukorn Suwannasri, 30 min, A)
ทวงคืน 3 (วิษณุกร สุวรรณศรี)
Actually this film is very boring for me. If I judge this film only from the pleasure I get from this film, I might have given it B, because I don't enjoy watching these tanks fighting each other at all. I don't like most combat films or war films. However, I give it A for now, because I think this film is very unique.

Wissanukorn also directed GET IT BACK (2007, 19 min), GET IT BACK PART 2 (2007, 25 min), and BLACK SHADOW (นินจาเงา) (2007, 54 min). He also wrote a thesis titled THE DESIGN AND VALIDATION OF COMPUTER-ASSISTED INSTRUCTION PROGRAM ON BASIC AVIATION AERODYNAMICS, which can be read here:

12.THE SEA IN 2020 (Prempapat Plittapolkarnpim,1 min, A-)
ทะเล 2020 (เปรมปพัทธ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์)
I think this funny film is successful in conveying its message.

13.MY CULTURE (Jasme Jehtae, 8 min, A-)
ถั่วงอก (จาซมี เจ๊ะแต)

14.REPEAT OCCURRENCE (Veerayoot Grajangsri + Napat Tangsanga, 15 min, B+)
ทวิครา (วีรยุทธ กระจ่างศรี, ณภัทร ตั้งสง่า)
Veerayoot also directed BICYCLE (2009, 11 min).

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