Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thai films seen on Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I can't remember any details of any films now. I apologize if I remember anything wrongly.

1.THE LIGHT HOUSE (2011, shadow play aka Teeranit Siangsanoh, 43:13 min, A++++++++++)
แสงสุริยะ (คล้ายเงา)
Teeranit has made many films about apocalyptic world. This is one of his best. This film is different from many films of Teeranit, because this film is silent, while other films of his usually have powerful soundtrack.

I totally agree with what Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke said about this film. He said that this film might be inspired by, or is reminiscent of, Andrei Tarkovsky, especially NOSTALGHIA (1983).

2.LOSE (2011, Wachara Kanha, 70 min, A+++++)
สูญ (วชร กัณหา)
There are three scenes that I like very much in this film. First, it's the scene in which we see a woman brushes her hair for a very long time. Second, it's the scene in which we see a baby moving around and we hear numerous voices at the same time. Third, it's the scene in which a woman in red dress lying in bed, dying, saliva flowing out of her mouth.

Wachara shows that he still excels at making films which are reluctant to tell their stories. I think he has a story in his mind, but instead of telling it straightforwardly, he only shows us some disconnected images from his story. His films are puzzling, and I like them because of this puzzling quality.

3.HAPPINESS (2011, Chadchon Nonthichan 5 min, A+++++)
สุขขี (ชัดชล นนธิจันทร์)
This is the kind of short films that I like very much. It shows a slice of life, or only an impression of an ordinary moment in an ordinary life. In this film, we see a little boy riding a bicycle, going to swim in a little pond, looking happy, getting out of the pond, and getting on the bicycle.

Yes, this is the real definition of happiness. I totally agree with that. Just enjoy a brief swim in a little pond. I like it very much that the film doesn't try to overemphasize its message, but presents the hero's action in an almost realistic, documentary-like way.

My favorite kind of films don't need great stories, great acting, or great budget, but they need to correspond to my attitude towards life or human beings. This film really fits the description of a kind of films that I like. Just present your true impression of an ordinary moment in an ordinary life. HAPPINESS is an extremely small film, but it gives me tremendous happiness.

4.PARALLEL (2010, Rasika Prasongtham, 6:29 min, A+)
เส้นขนาน (รษิกา ประสงค์ธรรม)
A very lovely lesbian film.

5.UNBEAUTIFUL BOXER (2010, Sirinapa Senapol, 19:21 min, A+)
สู้นะฮ๊า! (ศิรินภา เสนาพล)
UNBEAUTIFUL BOXER is a queer film made by high-school students. The film is funny.

6.TIGER (2010, Phanupong Hongprayoor, 9:03 min, A+)
เสือ (ภาณุพงศ์ ฮงประยูร)
A nice action film.

7.STRINGS (2011, Nattaphon Sakulvanaporn, 9 min, A+/A)
เส้นด้าย (ณัฐพล สกุลวนภรณ์)

8.SOUND ATTACK (2011, Kritmongkon Peantong, B+)
เสียงยึดโลก (กฤษณ์มงคล เพียรทอง)
I think this film can be easily adapted into a feature mainstream film.

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