Sunday, November 20, 2011

VAMPIRE STRAWBERRY (2011, Widit Thunyapun (aka Nati Punmanee) + Itthinop Opas (aka Boonchu Chearnyim), A+ as guilty pleasure)

It is easily one of the worst films I have ever seen in my whole life. Everything in it is indescribably bad: bad acting, bad script, bad dialogue, bad editing, bad lighting, bad colorist, etc. The film is full of meaningless dialogue, meaningless shots, meaningless scenes, etc.

Why do I give it A+? Because VAMPIRE STRAWBERRY is the film that makes me laugh the most this year, especially in the first 30 minutes, though I think 90% of what I laugh in this film is "unintentional".

Examples of what I like because it makes me laugh in this film:

1.The mentioning of the Syrian civil war in the opening scene. I think it is the first Thai film I have seen which mentions the Syrian civil war.

2.The bad editing in the following scene. I can't stop laughing at the editing in many action scenes in this film. The shots in these scenes seem not to match with one another.

3.The extremely wooden acting of some actors.

4. The shower scene, which is totally unnecessary.

5. The abrupt cut to the face of one female victim, and the look on that face

6.The repeated shot of the Vampire Sue when his fangs come out. The shot is not funny, but the repeating use of the shot is very funny

7.The shot in which two female victims stand guarding the coffins

8.The heroine's exclaiming in extreme amazement, "I have never seen anything like this before," when she sees the police troop.

9.The portrayal of police officers

10.How the vampire's story is being interrupted many times by the meaningless stories of various police officers.

In conclusion, VAMPIRE STRAWBERRY is as bad as, if not worse than, RACING LOVE (2011, Jetnipat Sasing, F). But while RACING LOVE doesn't give me a laugh, VAMPIRE STRAWBERRY is the film that makes me laugh the hardest this year. A classic shit.

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