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Thai films seen on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1.HI-DEFINITION GIRL (2011, Tanakit Kitsanayunyong, 3:33 min, A++++++++++)
หญิงสาวแห่งความคมชัด (ธนกฤต กฤษณยรรยง)
This film makes me think about something I have never thought about before--the size of the image frame. What I like very much in this film is the fact that I know nothing at all. I don't know what happens in the film, who the girl is, when the action takes place, why it happens, etc. But what makes it very different from other enigmatic films I have seen is the fact that I didn't even know "the real size of the image frame" until the end of the film.

In this film, we see a girl doing something inside a small image frame. The image frame is placed in a vast darkness. We don't know if the darkness surrounding this image frame is "inside" or "outside" the story until the end of the film.

I find this thing very brilliant. Tanakit also directed QUOTATION MARK (2010, A++++++++++), which is one of my most favorite Thai films I saw in 2010.

2.MY ROOM AND I (2010, Ka-nes Boonyapanachoti, 20 min, A++++++++++)
ห้องของฉันและเรื่องของผม (คเณศ บุญยะปานะโชติ)
My favorite scene in this film is the one about the director's trip to the beach with a group of university friends. This part of the film reminds me of one of the best times in my life--the time when we spent with friends and did many crazy things that we can't do it again when we grow old.

The joy among friends depicted in that scene is enormous. I also like it very much that the scene recorded a spontaneous dialogue (or some playful verbal attacks) among friends. I think this spontaneous dialogue is very important, because if you don't record it, it might be lost forever.

I learn from my own experience that when we are among our close friends, we are inclined to invent some new words, some funny phrases, or some funny sentences to talk to our close friends, and if we don't record these funny phrases, we will forget them forever, and we will never hear them again in our lifetime whether from our close friends or other people. I regret that I can note down only 1% of what my friends said when we were young. When I grow old and read this 1% of what my friends said twenty years ago, I find it very precious and is one of the best things in my life.

MY ROOM AND I also tries to depict other aspects in the life of the director and gives a hint at the end of the film that some parts of the film might be fictionalized and not a pure documentary.

3.DOG LOVE CAT (2011, Weerasak Suyala, 27 min, A++++++++++)
หมากับแมวไม่แคล้วกัน (วีระศักดิ์ สุยะลา)

4.MAD DOG (2011, Pongtawee Srilasuk, 7:19 min, A+)
หมาบ้า (พงษ์ทวี ศรีลาศักดิ์)

5.SHOWING IMAGES OF MY LOVE FOR YOU (2011, Wachara Kanha, 2 min, A+)
แสดงภาพในความรักที่ฉันรักเธอ (วชร กัณหา)

6.BOOKBIKE (2010, Wiroon Kingpaiboon, 29 min, documentary, A+/A)
หนังสือติดล้อ (วิรุฬห์ กิ่งไพบูลย์)

7.LOOP (2010, Adit Matayapirom, 5:32 min, animation, A+/A)
ห่วง (อดิษฐ์ เมธยาภิรมย์)

8.STOP HERE (2011, Twatpong Tangsajjapoj, 2:30 min, animation, A+/A)
หยุด (ธวัชพงศ์ ตั้งสัจจะพจน์)

9.OVER THE RAINBOW (2010, Phattaramon Urahvanicha, 2:40 min, animation, A+/A)
หลังฟ้าหม่น (ภัทรมน เอื้อวาณิชชา)

10.THE ESCAPE (2011, Pavin Kittikovit, 12 min, A+/A)
หนี (ปวีณ กิตติโกวิท)

11.DRY COLOURS TUBE (2011, Weerapat Tembundit + Chotika Parinayok 11 min, A+/A)
หลอดสี (วีรภัทร เต็มบัณฑิต, โชติกา ปริณายก)

12.NONGPO, FOR BETTER LIFE (2011, Kangwan Jaimun, 9 min, A)
หนองโพยั่งยืน (กังวาน ใจมั่น)

13.MAKPRAO (2010, Sarida Pao-aroon, animation, 4:07 min, A)
หมากพร้าว (สริดา เผ่าอรุณ)

14.THE TELEPHONE NUMBER (2010, Kritmongkon Peantong, 19:51 min, A-)
หมายเลขที่เธอเรียกจะติดต่อให้ได้ในขณะนี้ (กฤษณ์มงคล เพียรทอง)

15.MY A DAY (2010, Kawit Kittikun, 5:16 min, A-)
หนึ่งวันของฉัน (กวิศ กิตติกูล)

16.THE BOOK IS PIGGY BANK (2010, Prachuab Plittapolkarnpim, 12 min, A-)
หนังสือคือออมสิน (ประจวบ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์)

17.BLACK HOLE OF THE UNIVERSE (2011, shadow play aka Teeranit Siangsanoh, 2:56 min, B+)
หลุมดำแห่งจักรวาล (คล้ายเงา)
I think this film is the weakest film among many apocalyptic films made by Teeranit.

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