Monday, May 07, 2012

CALL (2011, Chonlasit Upanigkit, 22 min, no English subtitles, A++++++++++)

CALL (2011, Chonlasit Upanigkit, 22 min, no English subtitles, A++++++++++)

I like the slice-of-life quality of this film very much. This film doesn't try to teach us anything, but lets us observe small moments in the lives of two women. These moments may be redundant in other films, but I like this kind of moments very much.

We observe two women who are a little bit different from each other. One of them wakes up early, while the other wakes up late. One of them has some problems with her mother, while the other may miss her own mother who lives abroad.

I like the feelings and emotions of the characters in this film very much. It seems real for me, especially the scene in which a character quarrels with her own mother. I also like the ending scene very much, partly because it ends when I didn't expect (I expected something more important to happen before it ends), and partly because I can identify with the silent character in this scene. I have never sung karaoke before, so I can totally identify with the silent character who may be overwhelmed with some problems in her mind in the karaoke scene.

I also like the talking about phone applications in this film. This is real life, a kind of life I'd like to see more in films, just because I can identify with it, not because it contains some ultimate truths or enlightens us. Different films serve different purposes. CALL is made as a workshop for the actresses, but because it doesn't try too much to be a good film, some naturalness or some breeze of life can seep into the film, and makes the film very touching for me for its depiction of a simple life or a simple moment in life. Somehow I feel as if my simple life is affirmed after I watched CALL.

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