Saturday, May 19, 2012

A THOUSAND TIMES STRONGER (2010, Peter Schildt, Sweden, A+30)

A THOUSAND TIMES STRONGER (2010, Peter Schildt, Sweden, A+30)

I love some films very much because they unintentionally help me release something inside me. I feel as if there are some kinds of repressed feelings and emotions inside me, which can only be released when I see the right films.

I worship HIMIZU (2011, Sion Sono, A+30) and BLACK BREAD (2010, Agustí Villaronga, A+30) because of this. Watching these two films makes me feel as if I meet a stranger who understands me and my soul. Some repressed feelings inside me have been released by seeing these two films.

A THOUSAND TIMES STRONGER has roughly the same kind of effects on me, too. A few weeks before seeing this film, I talked with some old friends and am very glad to know that they share one same thing with me: they don't forget the abuses the teachers in our elementary school, secondary school, and high school did to us, though these things happened 20-30 years ago. The anger and the hatred the we have for some teachers are still there inside us.

A THOUSAND TIMES STRONGER unintentionally helps me release the anger and hatred that I have had for some teachers for the past 20-30 years. There are many other things that I like very much in this film, too, though I'm too lazy to write about them. Hahaha.

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