Tuesday, May 01, 2012

GIRLS, KEEP BEAUTIFUL (2012, Janenarong Sirimaha, A++++++++++)

สาวจ๋า อย่าหยุดสวย (literally transtaled as GIRLS, KEEP BEAUTIFUL (2012, Janenarong Sirimaha, A++++++++++)

You can watch this film here (no English subtitles yet)

The new film of Janenarong still has all the good things that his previous films have, namely the superb use of melodrama, the camp quality, the great performances, the funny ideas, and the interesting plot. What I like very much in GIRLS, KEEP BEAUTIFUL and READ ME! (2008, Janenarong Sirimaha, A+30) is the use of melodrama in a TWILIGHT ZONE-like story. I like TWILIGHT ZONE TV series very much when I was a kid, so I'm glad to find some Thai films which are TWILIGHT ZONE-like, such as CRYSTALLIZATION TIME (2011, Krisda Phongphaew), and THE ROOM (2011, Pesang Sangsuwan). But while CRYSTALLIZATION TIME and THE ROOM belong to sci-fi genre, "GIRLS, KEEP BEAUTIFUL" and READ ME! prove that there is also another way to tell a TWILIGHT ZONE-like story--by making it a melodrama. Watching these two films makes me imagine how a TWILIGHT ZONE episode would be like if it was directed by Pedro Almodóvar in the 1980s.

If I have to screen GIRLS, KEEP BEAUTIFUL with other films, I will choose to screen it together with UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL (2007, Sukhapat Lohwacharin, 26 min) and TWILIGHT ZONE: EPISODE -- EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (1960, Douglas Heyes), because these three films may share the same message, though their details are different.


All of Janenarong's short films have very interesting female characters. These characters inspire my imagination a lot. I imagine there is a feature film in which some of Janenarong's heroines fight against one another. I would love to see the serial killer in I SCREAM (2008, Janenarong Sirimaha, 21 min), the person who suffers from a mental disorder in YING AND WAN (2008, Janenarong Sirimaha, 7 min), the psychic girl in READ ME!, the prostitute in A PREVIOUS TIME (2010, Janenarong Sirimaha), the black-magic janitress in THERE WILL BE DRAMA (2011, Janenarong Sirimaha), and the "ugly" woman from a parallel universe in GIRLS, KEEP BEAUTIFUL fight against one another in a feature film, or may be fight against a comparable character like the ones played by Nene in Napat Treepalawisetkun's films or the serial killer in S.I.CK (2012, Pitchayakorn Sangsuk, 45 min). That imaginary film of mine would turn out to be like a cross between X-MEN and WOMEN ON A VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (1988, Pedro Almodóvar).

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