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TORTURE ROOM (2010, Patitparn Boontarig, A+++++)


1.TORTURE ROOM (2010, Patiparn Boontarig, A+)
ห้องทรมาน ปฏิภาณ บุณฑริก 20
My comment on this film:

2.WEEK-END (2010, Sereeroj Jayaphorn, A+)
สิ้น-สัปดาห์ เสรีโรจน์ ไชยพร 30
You can watch this film here:
This is a very stylish film. I like its outrageousness very much. It reminds me of the films of Seijun Suzuki, Takeshi Kitano, and Takeshi Miike. I particularly like the character whose head resembles a Buddha sculpture.

3.SWEETHEART (2010, Woratep Tummaoros, A+)
สุดที่รัก วรเทพ ธรรมโอรส 20
This film is very homoerotic, and that's why it may be my most favorite film of Woratep.

4.THE MASK (2010, Sittipong Patchakao, A+)
หน้ากาก สิทธิพงษ์ ปัดชากาว 12
This is very haunting. I like the sinister atmosphere in this film very much.

5.IN SPACE (2009, Visra Vichit-Vadakan, A+)
สูญญากาศ วิศรา วิจิตรวาทการ 16
I like the three states of mind portrayed in the film very much: the dream, the afterlife, and the trance.

6.CLOSER (2010, Wachara Kanha + Wisit Saonoi, A+)
สุดถวิลหา วชร กัณหา เเละ วิศิษฐ์ เสาว์น้อย 17
This film is hard to understand, but I like the look of this film very much. Many things in it, especially the special effects, unintentionally remind of the music videos of Kate Bush in the 1980's, particularly ARMY DREAMERS, BREATHING, and RUNNING UP THAT HILL.

7.PINK LADY (2010, Piyaphong Phakuntod, A+)
สุภาพสตรีสีชมพู ปิยพงษ์ พาขุนทด 9
I like the chemicals between the three female characters in this film very much. It reminds me of the power of PRASART (1975, Pieak Poster, A+), which deals with three neurotic female characters.

8.AN(OTHER) (2010, Apasri Titatarn, animation, A+)
สีน้ำเงินในโฆษณาผ้าอนามัย อาภาศรี ฐิตะฐาน 10
I like the look of this film very much.

9.2 PHOBIA (Sompong Soda, A+)
สองแพร่ง สมพงษ์ โสดา 18
This film may look like a horror film, but it turns out that the ghosts or the supernatural events in this film can be explained in very funny ways. This film seems like a small project. It is not ambitious. But it really works.

10.MISBEHAVERS (2010, Nattawut Poonpiriya, A+)
หลงใหล นัฐวุฒิ พูนพิริยะ 45
I like many things in this film especially the acting. However, I would have loved this film much more if the film didn't make me feel as if it wants to tell the audience, "Don't do drugs", "Please behave well", "Please think about your own parents before you spend your money", or things like that.

สื่อวิดีทัศน์หมุนวนอัตโนมัติ : คำชี้แจงขั้นตอนการลงทะเบียนก่อนและหลังเข้าชมนิทรรศการหอศิลปวิทยนิทรรศน์ ฉาก22 14
The title of this film explains it all. What is mysterious is the intention of the directors. Is all of this is meant to be serious or meant for laughing? Does this film want the audience to just follow the instructions or look down on the instructions?

12.SOMETHING WRONG IN YOUR BED (2010, Prempapat Plittapolkarnpim, A+)
เสน่หา อารมณ์ และคราบผ้าห่มในห้องนอน เปรมปพัทธ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์ 22
One of my most favorite films of Prempapat. It depicts a disturbing relationship between a mature woman and a young boy. I like the heroine of this film very much. Though it is not as daring as MURMUR OF THE HEART (1971, Louis Malle) or KUNG-FU MASTER! (1988, Agnès Varda), it is still satisfying.

13.AESTHETIC FOR LIFE (2009, Worwon Tungcharoen, documentary, A+)
สุนทรียศาสตร์เพื่อชีวิต วร์วรรณ ตั้งเจริญ 28
This is a lecture film which can be shown to students. What I like in this film is the fact that it can make the lecture easy to follow and not boring at all.

14.THE COLOUR (2010, Panja Saitong, A+)
สี ปัญจะ สายทอง 20
Panja made many films this year. This is one of his better efforts. It portrays the sad truth of Thai society in an effective way.

15.SOCIAL EFFECTS (2010, Samart Somboon, A+)
สังคมสร้างความรู้สึก สามารถ สมบูรณ์ 10
I like the part which deals with a daughter who doesn't appreciate the gift from her father. It really hurts. And it reminds me of FROM MOM (2994, Unchalee Thaingamsin, A+).

16.NEVER GONE AGAIN (2009, Satit Khongsuk, A+)
สวรรค์บันดาล สถิตย์ คงสุข 17
This is a very funny film. I like the scene in which the hero searches for his lost girlfriend in the forest, and then he finds out the real reason why the heroine disappears (she wants to find a place where she can shit).

17.NEVER GONE AGAIN 2 (Satit Khongsuk, A+)
สวรรค์บันดาล2 สถิตย์ คงสุข 11
The film spends much time with the characters walking up and down a building. This is the kind of scene which is not shown in most films. I also like the way the female character introduces herself at the end of this film.

18.RIGHT ON IT (2009, Rajapruk Tiyajamorn, A+)
เหนือกว่า ราชพฤกษ์ ติยะจามร 8
I like RIGHT ON IT and WAY (2010, Rajapruk Tiyajamorn, A+) very much. They don't tell original stories. The stories they told seem to resemble a thousand other films, but everything in these two films seems to be in its right place. RIGHT ON IT is very touching.

19.STOP (2010, Teera Prachumkong, A+)
ให้(รู้จัก)พอ ธีระ ประชุมของ 4
I think this film satirizes the belief of some Thai people, the belief that if you donate 10-20 baht, you may win a lottery for 1,000 baht or something like that. Thus, the donation of these people does not come from generosity, but comes from greed.

20.NOISE (2010, Wanalee Teanchan, A+)
เสียงเงียบ วนาลี เทียนจันทร์ 10

21.0 (2010, Suttipong Komhom, A+)
สูญ สุทธิพงษ์ คำหอม 10
I can't remember now why I gave this film A+ after I had just seen it.

22.HEAVEN (2009, Nattawut Poonpiriya, A+/A)
สวรรค์ นัฐวุฒิ พูนพิริยะ 9
I like the idea of this film very much. It is about two ghosts falling in love with each other.

23.MOFO LIFE SIZE DOLL 2 (2009, Alwa Ritsila + Phatamon Chitarachinda, A+/A)
สิ้นชีวี อีดอกทอง 2 อัลวา ริตศิลา , พัทธมน จิตระจินดา 25
I think this film is a bit too violent for my taste, and the violence seems to become repetitive. However, I like the scene in which the daughter finds the body of her mother very much, because I think this scene is a tribute to LITTLE LIFE (2009, Rungkarn Kaewsuwan, animation, A+).

24.LOST (2010, Takornpath Rojanavanit, A+/A)
หาย ฐากรพัชร์ โรจนวานิช 12
The ending of this film is surprising for me, because it is unresolved, if I remember it correctly. I also wonder if this film has a subtext or a political subtext or not.

25.HYPNOTIZE (2010, Nathawut Praphong, animation, A+/A)
สะกดจิตร ณัฐวุฒิ ปราบหงส์ 3

26.HOW A UNIVERSITY STUDENT SHOULD BEHAVE WHILE TRAINING (Naresuan University student, documentary, A)
การปฏิบัติตัวของนักศึกษาขณะฝึกงาน (นิสิตม.นเรศวร)
This film is not meant to be shown in this festival. It was shown by a mistake. But it is very enjoyable and causes a lot of unintentional laughter.

27.LIFT DOWN (2009, Tawit Singnoi, animation, A)
หลง ลง ลิฟท์ เตวิศ สิงห์น้อย 5

28.ROASTED PORK (2010, Patiparn Boontarig, A)
หมูปิ้ง ปฏิภาณ บุณฑริก 7
Does this film romanticize the poor like DOG GOD AND FULL WATER? I'm not sure. This kind of stories reminds me of a poor old woman in my neighborhood who voluntarily shares some of her own food with a poor dog. How can a poor old woman be so generous like that? Much more generous than many middle-class people. However, the question is what an appropriate way to depict this kind of kindness in a film is. Maybe the appropriate way is to depict this kind of kindness in a matter-of-fact way, in an objective way, not in a romanticized way, not in a didactic way.

29.CRAZY (2010, Kasamol Thongtip, A)
หลง กษมล ทองทิพย์ 15

30.LIGHT OF LOVE (2010, Pitchayakarn Masuk, A)
แสงดาวแห่งศรัทธา พิชญกานต์ มาสุข 16
This is very funny.

31.HOW OUR DAYS ARE DIFFERENT (2010, Tanakit Roumtaku, A)
หนึ่งวันของเราต่างกันอย่างไร ธนกฤต รวมตะคุ 4

32.ONLINE (2009, Sippanon Rodkumtuy, animation, A)
เส้นใยที่ถูกลืม สิบปนนท์ รอดคำทุย 5

33.FINISH LINE (2009, Jumpoth Ruayjaroensap + Kompech Hongha, A-)
เส้นชัย จุมภฏ รวยเจริญทรัพย์ / คมเพชร หงหา 24

34.SAJJATHAM (2009, Surasak Dusitsathitkaival, B+)
สัจจะธรรม สุรศักดิ์ ดุสิตสถิตไกวัล 5
I think this film is ordinary, but I like the temple portrayed in this film.

35.SIAM ARAYA (2010, Thanawut Kukkua, animation, B+)
สยามอารยะ ธนาวุฒิ สุขเกื้อ 5
I think this is a standard advertisement for culture.

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