Saturday, February 25, 2012

NICE TO MEET YOU (2005, Tossapol Boonsinsukh, 25:28 min, second viewing, A+++++++++++++++)

There are many long static takes in this film, including the scene in the last picture, which lasts 5:50 min. We watch and listen to the protagonist's guitar-playing. His song is about a promise to remember. It's one of very few long static takes in Thai cinema at that time.

However, my most favorite scenes in the film are two scenes of extreme long shot. In the first one, which lasts about two and a half minutes, we see the protagonist (Patavee Viranuvat) sits in the middle of an empty parking lot, reading some incomprehensible things. To watch a character from afar reading some incomprehensible things for two and a half minutes is not something easily found in Thai cinema. The second scene that I like very much is the scene in which the protagonist plays with his female friend in the parking lot. They play rock-paper-scissors game. The loser must jump and clap his hands in the air. This scene is extremely cute and memorable, partly because it is in extreme long shot.

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