Saturday, February 18, 2012


สารพัด...จัดสรร "รัก" ฉบับสีรุ้ง

Theoretically, this is the kind of stage plays I like very much. It is about gays and sexual ambiguities. It feels very intimate. It is about people talking about problems in their lives and relationships. It is not very different from an Eric Rohmer's film. It also reminds me of SAME OLD SONG (1997, Alain Resnais), because characters in this play burst into songs from time to time.

But I give it only A+A, because I think it lacks some "magic". It lacks some kinds of magic which will make this play very touching. However, I myself don't know what this magic is. I don't know exactly how to improve this play. I only feel that there's something missing from this play.

Or maybe there's nothing missing from this play. What is missing is my own life experience, the kind of experience which can make me identify myself more with the characters, or make me sympathize more with the characters. Though this play is about gays and sexual ambiguities, I can't identify myself much with the characters. They are very interesting characters: an effeminate guy who used to be married to a woman (Pisal Pattanapeeradech), a married guy who prefers to spend time with a male friend rather than with his wife (Pongtaris Juntara), a straight boy who has sex with a transvestite, a straight guy who has sex with a transsexual (Chatdanai Musigchai), and a married guy who likes to have sex with many men. These characters are very interesting "case studies", but I'm not sure if the play is really successful in making these characters become something more than "case studies", or become "human beings".

The scene which touches me the most is the scene in which Pisal sang the song I'M LONELY by Anchalee Jongkadeekij. It is very easy for me to understand the loneliness of Pisal's character in that moment. The lustful character (Nammon Joiraksa) also reminds me of some gay friends. But I can't sympathize much with the other three characters. Maybe it is because I wish they chose to continue exploring having sex with men/transvestites/transsexuals, instead of choosing to go back to their wives. Hahaha.

In conclusion, I still like this play a lot, because it deals with how inadequate our vocabulary is for sexual orientation.

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