Sunday, February 12, 2012

Films seen on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1.ROGHIEH (2009, Alysse Stepanian, Iran, A+30)
You can watch this film here:

2.GARDEN (2010, Ann Steuernagel, USA, A+30)
You can watch the film here:

3.MOROLOJA (2008, Manuela Barile. Portugal, A+15)

4.THE CITY AND THE OTHER (2010, Albert Merino, Spain, A+15)

5.HOW TO CLEAN A PUDDLE (2008, Roland Wegerer, Austria, A+15)

6.200,000 PHANTOMS (2008, Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, A+10)
You can watch this film here:

7.SPACES (2010, Signe Chiper-Lillemark, Denmark, A+10)
I think this film should be screened together with BERLIN (10 NOV 1974 - 28 JAN 1975) EXERCISES IN NINE PARTS: DREAMING UNDER WATER OF THINGS AFAR (1974-1975, Rebecca Horn)

8.THE 7TH OF NOVEMBER (2009, Yuriy Kruchak + Yulia Kostereva, Ukraine, A+10)

9.WITHOUT WINDOWS (2009, Mohammed Harb, Palestine, A+10)

10.SPACE DRAWING NO.5 (2009, Sai Hua Kuan, Singapore, A+5)
You can see another film of Sai Hua Kuan here:

11.2:48 MINUTES WITH THE DOOR (2009, Andres Jurado, Colombia, A+5)

12.WINTER'S END (2010, Wrik Mead, Canada, A+)

13.NOLI ME TANGERE (2008, Marsha Yozefpolsky, Israel, A+)

14.BLACK HOLE (2009, Johanna Reich, Germany, A+)
You can watch the film here:

15.NOT WITHOUT A BANG (2008, Alessandro Amaducci, Italy, A+/A)

16.142-143 (2010, Pablo Fernandez-Pujol, Spain, animation, A+/A)

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